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Which is better McAfee or Symantec(Norton) Antivirus

By name holdout ·
We were having a discussion the other day on which virus software is better Symantec (Norton) which signed an agreement with IBM to create virus definitions so you have the two best in the business or McAfee which just so happen to fail on my desktop today.

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Based on my experience...

by azul In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

I would say McAfee.

I have been supporting home users and students at a large university for the better part of the past three years.

The first year and a half was home users, 9 times out of 10 they were running Symantec.

The past year and a half has been students, end users in a university/hospital. Everyone has access and is encouraged to download and use an enterprise version of McAffee on any computer they use, home or work.

Now, 8 times out of 10 when I have a pc that has a virus, it is because the virus definitions and Windows updates have not been kept current. There are more than 48K systems connected to our network at any given time.

However, when I have somthing that McAffee cant fix, Symantec Stinger usually does.

I hope that helps, good luck.

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by beads In reply to Based on my experience...

McAffee is definitely better than that resource hog Symantec load.

If your looking farther out then I would also suggest TrendMicro. Sure they're number three but I like the management better than anything else I have seen or used.

- beads

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by paguda In reply to McAffee

ive been fixing some home user pc, and everytime theres a problem, i noticed nortong is one of them, its hogging all the resources and this is one of the reason it cant connect to the internet to update....manytimes the user will say that they have uninstalled it an re-installed it but the problem is still there....

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What about F-Prot?

by genecarl In reply to McAffee

I am very pleased with F-Prot. Also use AVG as a backup.

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Benefits of F-Prot (Fp-win)

by michael_orton In reply to What about F-Prot?

I have been using the above since about 1992, when it was a DOs/Win 3.1 program.
Now I use the Fp-Win and the Linux versions.
1/ Cheap, effective, daily updates sometimes two or three a day. They get the new definition files out very quickly, even on Christmas and New Year's Day.
2/ Doesn't hog memory or slow down a PC (550mhz to 3 GhZ is the range that I use at present).
3/ Setting heuristics and Neural Network as ON and actions RENAME rather then disinfect allows you to adopt a cavilleer "shoot to kill on suspicion" attitude as it is then easy to 1/ Scan the pC from a floppy disk set to further investigate with Windows shutdown.
If it has cocked up and renamed a vital Windows file, again no problem.
Boot with Knoppix CD,(latest version of NTFS)find .vxe, vll and .vom files and rename them back.
The scan from floppy set is ideal for heavily infected PCs, the disks are write ptotected so you can "ethnically cleanse" the pC, When I give talks on IT security, I liken it to tying the enemy to a chain-link fence and then machine gunning them!
Of course you can also burn all the latest files onto a cd and boot from this to "Ethnically Cleanse" a PC.
On a Dual boot PC FP-win actually finds compressed Linux keyloggers and other "naughty" software when downloaded to a FAT32 partition.
When F-prot is run in Linux it finds compressed "naughty" programs in any partition.
Nortons and MacAfee don't do this.
The only downside to the programs is that you have to download them. They don't come on flashy CDs in pretty boxes from PC World.
The automatic update system is excellent, it checks for udates at start up and every hour or less if you want to.
But when the main program needs updating you do have to download something like fp-win_xxxx_yyy.exe save it to your download folder.Then double click on it to install and set itself up.
It works very well with Windows defender, ZoneAlarm, VisualZone Report Utility.
Another snag.
Monthly backups to DVD/Tape.
It stops my compressed "naughty software" from being backed up, so I had to put it all in a "Naughty" folder and not back this up!
FP-win costs 25 Euros/year for up to 5 PCs.
Bulk rates for many Pcs are even better, and its nice to have virtually the same product for both 98se, XP, and SuSe Linux.
You can download the Zip File to create the 3 Floppy command line F-prot for free.
This is only to find and then "bake and shread" virus infections.
Of course you have to be able to Unzip and read the help file as to which files you want on each disk.
Disk#1 (bootable format A: /s)
F-prot.exe English Tx0
Disk #2 Sign.def & Sign2.def
Disk#3 Macro.def
Write protect all, stick #1 in PC and reboot, set BIOS to boot from floppy.
F-prot loaddef <enter>
Feed in the disks as required and follow orders!
Then the "Cyber KGB" exterminate the terrorists!
Its very good at disinfection files, I once "ethnically cleansed" a PC with over 250 infected files.

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There are fixes to the Norton problems you mention.

by MWRadio In reply to McAffee

Just for your note, and any one else running into these problems. Sorry I don't have the specifics on hand right now but there are fixes to the Norton problems you mention.
They are also Different problems. Win2000 and, I believe XP, you can check it out, had a problem with using up resources over time when coupled with certain Symantec programs.

Several versions of Norton internet Security tended to break Windows Update in one of two fashions. The one I ran into had to do with OLEAUT32.dll being changed to an incompatible version. This caused windows update to freeze at "Downloading Updates". There is a different problem yet that causes windows update to freeze during the detection process and cause XP to report no new updates available, when there actually are!

Get on Google, with a little digging you can find solutions to all these problems. Good luck! And good hunting.

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three fixes

by apotheon In reply to There are fixes to the No ...

I have three fixes:

1. AVG

2. ClamAV (and the Windows version, ClamWin)

3. use a different OS

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different OS?...

by UncleRob In reply to three fixes

do you mean like Mac OS X or a previous version of Windows?
(just kidding, I know you mean linux - trying to add some humor to his discussion)

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Good fixes all, but remember....

by MWRadio In reply to three fixes

Good fixes all! lol But seriously IF you need to, these fixes are available. If you decide to use apotheon's fixes one and two, remember to use the removal tool from Symantec for your product, 'cause Norton can and might break your system. I suspect this is what caused the problem I experienced. Someone (not me) had removed Norton Internet Security 2004 from the machine!

If you already have the problem removing Norton might not fix it! So be prepared.
Thank you.

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I don't like either

by DanLM In reply to Good fixes all, but remem ...

I have found that both are resource hogs. Norton is good, and I like its protection. But, its the trade off with regard to overhead.
McAfee and my current configuration just don't get along. That could be because it was a hacked version that my isp was offering. God, was that terrible.
I've been using stand alone products. AFG for anti-virus and I Sygate for the firewall. Yes, I know Sygate was bought out by Norton in 2003 and is no longer supported. But, I just like it.
When my subscriptions are up on what I have just mentioned, I am going to look around. Because, as I said. I really am not a fan of either.
And Panda. Good god, that dropped my system to its knees with regard to sucking up processing power.
Shoot, I know this machine is only a 1.4. But, it's sitting with a gig of memory. For one application to do that to this machine definitely got my whine and cheese vote.


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