Which is better to implement?

By jfuller05 ·
So, would it be better to have an email server or to have, for instance, Bellsouth host your email for your business? Here, our domain name is, we use Outlook 2007, and Bellsouth hosts our email service. Clients use Outlook to email each other on the network and also others outside the network. Would it be advantageous to use an email server instead of relying on Bellsouth to host our email? If so, what email server software do you all recommend? Also, our domain name is registered with Domain Bank. We use Windows XP and Server 2008.

*I couldn't find a lot of information online about the subject. Found a lot about email server software, but not much about my question.
*The number of employees is close to 200.
*This is county government.
I just really wanted to know the pros and cons of in-house email hosting against outsource email hosting.

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by shasca In reply to Which is better to implem ...

Have you compared costs of licensing/hosting inhouse? You didn't say the size of your network. You don't say whether you were considering an open source solution, or are willing to make the financial commitment to an outlook/Exchange environment

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E Mail Server Software if you are a Government Department

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Which is better to implem ...

With a Lock in to M$ products isn't an option as you have to use Exchange and pay for that Application as well as the number of Mailboxes/Users that connect to it.

That would be a starting point to start to compare costs between what you currently have and a Exchange/Outlook Environment that you pay M$ to use.

Then a look at your Budget for IT Solutions would be the next place to look to see if it's even a feasible alternative.


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Okay, thanks...

by jfuller05 In reply to E Mail Server Software if ...

I wasn't sure how the Exchange/Outlook environment worked or if what would be the cost. The classes I had in college didn't really go that deep into the topic of having an email server versus an outside business hosting your email. Thanks for the help.

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Mail Hosting Options

by jay.okane In reply to Which is better to implem ...

You will probably get a different reply to that question depending on who you ask.
Options open to you are many and varied. Here are 3 to get you thinking.
1. Exchange. In-house hosting.
Cons. This will more than likely require a full-time admin to look after it.
Additional server, licences and costs.
Pros. Total Control.
Seamless integration with existing infrastructure.
2. Scalix. In-house hosting.
Pros. Open Source.
Depending on size, could be free to run.
Runs on Linux. No server licences.
Cons. New system to learn.
3. G-Mail
Pros. Free's up a member of staff that would be assigned as mail admin.
Accessible anywhere via web.
Integrates into Outlook.
G-Mail can be branded with your college / company logo.
Cons. Relying on outside company for support.

Every company / organisation has a different need. Determine what yours is, and you should have an easy time finding the right solution for you.

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by jfuller05 In reply to Mail Hosting Options

This is very helpful, and I'll use it for future reference.

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