Which is more appropriate ?

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Dear Colleague:

I?m now in the last school term/semester computer science student. Starting from January 2007, I?ll start to work for my senior project, to graduate from my school.

The school has some mandatory criterions that it sets for all senior project working students. These criteria are:
- All projects should be done using object-oriented software engineering and as well using Object-Oriented programming language.
- No one could work his/her project alone and
- The time give is three months, since the usual school term period is three months

Prior to January, I?m preparing my self for the project and know I?m thinking to work on ?A publisher software?, that publishes (provides formats or templates) novels, newspapers, and academic books.

Knowledge Background

I have some background about Java and Visual Basic 6. But VB6 is not allowed in the school since it is not fully object-oriented.

Resources Available

I can get visual studio. Net (VB.NET. C#, etc.), Java (JBuider)

My Questions to You

I don?t know which of these tools are more appropriate for developing such type of software application. Even though some of these tools (VB.Net) are not familiar for me, I could tolerate to learn them and work on them if they are more appropriate for such type of project.

Please give me some idea which programming software is much more appropriate for my/our development. I should bring all background works to the group members. If it is visible for us mine will be done, if not we will go for another idea. But every group member may bring his/her idea clearly.

All regards,


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Any one of the three will do it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Which is more appropriate ...

So it depends on the devlopers.

Java to C# isn't too big a switch

VB6 to isn't in terms of syntax, though picking up true OO has been a problem for those who had to do it.

Or stick with java.

Seeing as you can't do it alone, what do those you are working with feel?

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by hushed.names In reply to Any one of the three will ...

Dear Tony:

Thanks for the fast reply. May God bless you and what is yours.

Most of the time peoples (students) wouldn't like to work with Java. They fear to start a project with it.

I do have one question here. Are these tool provide a necessary properties that we could easily use them to make a text editor like application?

Marry christmas and Happy new year.



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The easy way to do it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Thanks!

is to simply embed and already written one in your application.
That might be considered cheating though for students.
As for writing a text editor. If you just stuck a memo (textblock) component on a form, windows will do 3/4 of the work for you without writing a line, so you are going to have to pick functions that winders doesn't normally implement, to show your stuff.

Not sure that's the best choice, you could say add a VI style command interface to it.

Like moving, selecting and operating on paragraphs and sentences etc.

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