Which is the Best and Cheap Business Intelligence software?

By Sumitha Mani ·

I am currently working in gathering information about the BI softwares. There are lot many in the market. Please could anyone tell .. which is the best BI software in case of features and cost? approx for 100 users...

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by oldbaritone In reply to Which is the Best and Che ...

"Best" and "Cheap" generally are mutually exclusive. (Yes, FOSS folks, that's why I said "generally"...)

But as with anything, "best" is a relative term without definition.

What's the "best" car? A Lambo or Rolls might be "best" in some way, but neither is even close if your definition of "best" is in terms of fuel mileage.

So before you can answer "What's the best BI software" you need to define what "best" means to you. Every vendor has lots of neat features that they hype, but you must determine the feature set that meets your needs, and then evaluate what software comes closest to meeting all of those needs.

I think most people could agree that "best" software would be one that performs the functions you need, is easy to use and understand, and is available at a reasonable cost. Balance any shortcomings (including cost) against your needs and budget to determine what's "best" for you.

And understand that one person's opinion that some application is "the best on the market" does not ensure that it will be "the best" for your application. Nobody's perfect.

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