Which is the best compact smartphone with good specs?

By seoteam ·
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I am looking for a good performing 4G Andriod compact smartphone for around $350. I don,t like using large-screen smartphones. Please Suggest.
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Need more information

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Which is the best compact ...

How much do you want to spend ? What features do you need/want ? Do you want new or used ? Do you want a flip or a smart phone ? Do you prefer iPhones or Android ? Which cellular carrier ? What state or country do you live in ? Do you know if 5G has been deployed locally ?

Your question is too vague to get any helpful suggestions.

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Looking For A 4G Android Compact Smartphone

by seoteam In reply to Need more information

I prefer a New 4G Android smartphone in India. I don't prefer a flip smartphone. I am not a hardcore user of a smartphone. I am not looking at any specific feature. My budget is $350.

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Infinix Hot 11

by pallavmohan0031 In reply to Looking For A 4G Android ...

A really cheap handset that offers a sturdy mediatek chipset.

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Just say no to MediaTek. -> SPYWARE!!

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Infinix Hot 11

Read and others.

Guess some like having more spyware on their phones?

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This one is small!

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Which is the best compact ...

But for me it wouldn't be my choice as it's bound to be a few year device then you shop again.

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Few of us are in your area.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to This one is small!

Try this. Take note of what you can buy that look like candidates and then share your short list here. If a person takes care of their phones I see nothing wrong with Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixels and so on. In fact I have had a refurb Pixel 3 which isn't as big as some phones yet it has 4G, plenty for me storage and when I change it, it looks like I'll get the Pixel 5a.

The refurb'd Pixel 3 was well under 200USD. Probably because it's not a big screen phone.

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Google Pixel Phones

by seoteam In reply to Few of us are in your are ...

Yes, you are right. The Pixel smartphones are very durable and age slow. My priority for a compact smartphone would be Pixel 4A. It is a great smartphone with a 5.8" display. Due to its small form factor, it is easy to carry and use with a single hand. It is a tidy phone with a single camera. Overall a great smartphone.
Any other recommendation for a compact phone other than pixel 4a? I’m looking at smaller displays about 5.8" in size.

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Sorry no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Google Pixel Phones

Why? For your price and specs you are likely to be look at that 4a as well as I don't know what is in your country (here, in the USA we have many choices.)

Look at the 4a both new and refurb to hit your price point.

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Lots of options

by tusharsharma040793 In reply to Which is the best compact ...

For around $350 in India, you can have lots of good devices with the same Mediatek processor and have really good performance.

A few devices mentioned removed by moderator.

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How about Samsung?

by ankitgupta040795 In reply to Which is the best compact ...

Samsung has been offering really good devices these days. The latest ones like galaxy F42 5G with Dimensity 700 processor look really interesting.

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