which is the best it training

By yathishkumar ·
which is the best it training can be done after MCITP 2008 ( Eg :- vmware,citrix,cloud computing,exchange,san/nas/das)

which cources are highly payed and excepted more in company in 2012 .

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Would recommend spelling and grammar instruction in English

by robo_dev In reply to which is the best it trai ...

Not to be mean, but "payed and excepted" should be paid and accepted..or perhaps you mean expected?

Seriously, it does not matter how many courses you take...if you submit a resume or letter filled with errors, the only place it will go is into the recycle bin.

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Wrong Answer.

by DesertJim In reply to which is the best it trai ...

I work for an international company, whose HQ is not far from Atlanta, and am based in Dubai. Our staff (in the Dubai office) is made up of many people of diverse backgrounds, most of whom do not have English as their first language, however are technically very smart. I have to read their CVs in English as I am not as clever as them to be multi lingual as well and I certainly don't expect the same grasp of spelling and grammar. Their CVs do not go in the recycle bin for that reason.

I personally believe courses are accepted more readily if they are vendor certifications in an area relevant to the job, and that pay is not based on certification as much as perfomance. My advice would be to look for companies willing to assist their employees in the relevant training, and use the training you have to get a job with them at any level and work up. Training with no experience is of little value. Companies that train, value employees and work on retention.

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