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Which is the best RegCleaner?

By WienSam ·
Registry FirstAid Platinum 6.1.0 (build 1546)
Registry Clean Expert 4.60
UniBlue Registry Cleaner 2.0.1114.3657
Wise Registry Cleaner 3.20.110
RegVac Registry Cleaner 5.01.18

Which is best?

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by nepenthe0 In reply to Which is the best RegClea ...


Check out CCleaner:

It's freeware, very fast. There is a blog at TR about registry cleaners:

which might interest you - not all TR participants believe in them.

Any further insight into your wireless connectivity problem?

Rick/Portland, OR

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Pecs got it sorted

by WienSam In reply to CCleaner

Now I'm attempting to recover to a more recent date. I have a very clear idea of what to do regarding the network connection problem now.

Once I've restored it to the most recent recovery point and made the necessary network changes (why doesn't Ghost get these right) then I will RegClean and defrag.

Thanks for your input

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Check my last posts on yesterday's thread

by nepenthe0 In reply to Which is the best RegClea ...

WienSam -

You'll have less headache if you disable all the barriers to connectivity at the get-go. You can restore encryption and other safeguards later. To recapitulate:

1) open the router setup menu

2) disable encryption

3) be sure 'SSID' is broadcast

4) be sure you are not filtering MAC addresses

5) use single mode transmission (i.e., G mode only)

6) boot the router

Rick/Portland, OR

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You forgot to mention PC Tools' Registry Mechanic ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Which is the best RegClea ...

Which I use in conjunction with CCleaner.
(CCleaner cannot compact the registry)

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I didn't know about it

by WienSam In reply to You forgot to mention PC ...

Sorry. I'll see if I can get hold of a copy

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Got it!

by WienSam In reply to You forgot to mention PC ...

Thanks. I'll give that combo a try

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RegMechanic may be overkill...

by nepenthe0 In reply to Which is the best RegClea ...

Once upon a time I downloaded RegMechanic as trialware. I had previously used UltraWinCleaner and considered the Registry OK.

RegMechanic found >100 problems and offered to fix 5 of them. To fix the remainder, I would need to purchase the software.

So I uninstalled RegMechanic and have used CCleaner since without incident. The fact that RegMechanic found so much stuff made me apprehensive. Losing a single essential registry key can nuke a computer.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Which RegMechanic? PC Tools?

by WienSam In reply to RegMechanic may be overki ...


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by nepenthe0 In reply to Which RegMechanic? PC To ...

Here's the URL:

Disclaimer - Old Mycroft knows a heck of a lot more about this than I do.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Can these be used on Server 2003?

by curtis.barney In reply to Affirmative.

I have tried cCleaner, Advanced Windows Care, and aSquared on the server. They run but I have been scared to actually let them fix anything!

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