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Which JAVA to use?

By TheChas ·
Sun released a security update to JAVA 1.4 today bringing the latest version to 1.4.7

There is also JAVA 5.0, actually 1.5.2

The question quite simply is:

Which version to deploy?

And why is your selected version a better choice than the other?

Or, do you not install JAVA or run some other virtual machine product?


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by Oz_Media In reply to Which JAVA to use?

I use 1.4.7 now, I have ALWAYS preferred SUN's Java as opposed to the old JVM that MS tried to work with unsuccessfully. Before I knew it, MS was losing the battle, stopping their version of JBM and SUN was left to it.

Mozilla has it's own recommended Sun Java versions though ti seems, yet I find 1.4.3 now 1.4.7 works just fine. I haven't tried other versions though.

My dime Chas, keep the change.

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only one reason

by Jaqui In reply to Which JAVA to use?

I have any version of java installed.

and, I am concidering switching to koffice, as at least it runs faster than any interpreted app.

why should I have to wait for an interpreter to be started, then run the program through, to create a version that the kernel can understand, when if the programmers did thier job right, it would be in machine code already when I get it?

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Java 1.5.0

by TerryToh In reply to Which JAVA to use?

Off course the latest version is better! Supports all old and new application.

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of course, what kind of app are you building????

by jmoliere In reply to Java 1.5.0

Here's the dilemma....
are you building an applet? -- The HTML 4.0 spec defines Java 1.1 as the standard. If so, you will get the most bang for your buck (or put another way, applets that work) if you develop this app using the JDK 1.1.7 or better.

Are you developing a web application? If so, you will likely want to go with JDK 1.4 because many application servers (i.e. BEA Weblogic) have not made the transition to JDK 1.5.

Are you building a desktop application? You will most likely want to use JDK 1.5 -- the new features will lower development costs as well as give you a larger library (compared to earlier versions of the JDK) to develop with. But BEWARE!!! If you use many 3rd party libraries in your application, there may be proplems because JDK 1.5 has added new keywords to the language that many older applications may use inappropriately. You must be sure that your 3rd party library base is up-to-date with the JDK 1.5.

I hope this was helpful.

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..and that is why I detest Java development..

by stevef199 In reply to of course, what kind of a ...

..because it's specifications keep changing. Java 1.0 was fun, and I had fun learning it and writing applets and applications for friends. All this was fine. But after J2EE came along, all the 'standards' and specifications kept evolving and it was just too complex to keep abreast of the developments (for a part-time hobbyist programmer). Java today is best left to a computer science student to figure out and make a career off of. I just gave up long ago.

Just my two cents,

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