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Which job do I choose? SCCM Engineer or Applications Engineer?

By rayjoron ·
I have been in the IT field for over 10 years. I have always been working in Desktop Support and for the longest I’ve always wanted a change. I graduated with my B.S. in Technology Management last December finally after countless years of starting and stopping school. After I graduated I decided I needed a career change. I got hired in Jan as an SCCM Administrator with not much experience but I was supposed to be working under a lead. This is a contract that is supposed to last for 4 years. The lead has since been fired and now I am alone and doing the job by myself. The company is not going to backfill the position. I am a fast learner and I get things done but it takes time to research things. After 3 months of being there and rumors of the contract possibly ending due to the client not being happy and the firing of the lead I started to look elsewhere. I got offered a position with a very large international law firm as an Applications Engineer with a 7k bump in pay. I gave my 2 weeks notice and they want me to stay and offered 8k more than they were paying me and offered to send me for SCCM training.

My issue is at my current role I feel like I have no direction. I have to come up with everything myself and there is no real management. The new job I would be on a team have a direction and work on projects. As far as titles go which one is better? Should I stay and continue being an SCCM Admin get the training and still have no real direction on what goals should be accomplished or go to a team where I could learn from peers and have real management?

My current program manager insists that an Application Engineer is nothing compared to me leading SCCM and making it my own. I’m just confused on what to do and the day to day of normal SCCM Engineers compared to what they have me doing.

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