Which job: tech support or server monitor?

By thomasfrank09 ·
Hey everyone,

Right now I work at my campus tech support center. I'm currently a freshman, I have received an offer the work in the data center as a server monitor. As I want to be a sysadmin, this would seem to be a no-brainer. However, the job in the data center literally is just sitting and monitoring the servers. If something goes wrong, I would contact an engineer to fix it; I would not fix it myself. It isn't really a technical job, although there is opportunity to do some documentation when needed. On the whole though the job is a lot of downtime. I've asked around and a lot of people say that a position in a data center will look better on a resume even if the duties are minimal. Also, the downtime gives me time to work on getting certifications. So what do you guys think? Which is the better opportunity for the future?

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Sounds like

by oldbaritone In reply to Which job: tech support o ...

it might be a great opportunity to get paid to do your homework, in a data center where there would be people to help you. And as you mentioned, you also would have time to work on certifications.

If your career goal is a sysadmin, I'd agree, it sounds like a no-brainer. Sure, it's entry-level with little responsibility, but most co-op jobs are.

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by thomasfrank09 In reply to Sounds like

So you believe this is better or at least equal to a support role in the eyes of employers? In the support role I'd get more hands-on experience; although none of it really has to do with server administration it's still experience. Whereas with the other job I have more time for certs. What will look better to an interviewer for internships next year?

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