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Which laptop should i go for?

By rohit25995 ·
Hello everyone. I am a student and I am looking to buy a new laptop. I currently have a desktop with the following specs- Intel Pentium dual core processor with 2gb of RAM. The clock rate is 3Ghz and I have a storage space of 500gb out of which more than 300gb is unoccupied.
I mainly use it for programming using c, c++ and java. I also use visual studio for web development using asp.net. I don't play games that much. Do I need a laptop that has an i3 or i5 processor? Would AMD's processors ( like the a8 or a6 quad core ) be fine ? They are a bit cheaper compared to Intel's. My budget is 500 USD. Please suggest me a good laptop for my specific needs. Also tell me how are Intel's celeron processors and whether I should consider them. Thanks.

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Partial to Lenovo

by mjd420nova In reply to Which laptop should i go ...

Lenovo offers a full line that fits in your budget. I have an Intel i3 at 3.4 GHZ, 4 GB ram and a 500 GB drive, one a laptop and the other a desktop with identical specs. Three years so far an NO faults. Came with WIN7 and happy with that. I'm sure they now offer WIN10 on their units at what ever level. The on board audio is good enough for compressed music and streaming. The on board video does 1920 by 1080 to a widescreen monitor for the desktop and HDMI to the HDTV. The laptop does 1440 by 900 with the laptop display and will do 1920 by 1080 when connected to an HDTV .

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by matt452 In reply to Which laptop should i go ...

Yes you need an i3 or i5 processor. Personally I recommend you Samsung or Lenovo, there are many brands on the market, but I think that these two are the best for the moment.

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