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Which Linux Distro Is More Capable of Competing With Windows?

By daileyml ·
In a recent blog post I brought up the touchy subject of Linux on the desktop and how desktop Linux can not compete with Windows.

Several people commented on various versions of Linux that they feel already compete or beat Microsoft Windows. I would like to know which Linux distro YOU believe is the best, and more importantly WHY? I'd like details, links, etc. that show why you feel your preferred distro is in the lead.

Just for the record: I am a Linux fan, I just don't see it winning on the desktop. I am looking for business justification and solid technical documentation to back up the use of Linux on a desktop. I have several clients looking at Linux as an option and I'd like to have more than my opinion and experience to help in providing the correct solution.

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Business justification

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Which Linux Distro Is Mor ...

won't just depend on distro. Application set, interoperability within the organisation, suppliers, customers etc.

If you pick a mainstream general purpose distro, especially one aimed at the appliance user market, very few will bother to argue right or wrong. SimplyMepis is my current choice, because it installed on the hardware I had with the least problems, a far from trivial consideration. But I doubt all your clients have a Compaq A60s.

Support, administration, software choices etc will be far more important.

Linux is an OS for people who want choice. To make one you have to find out which aspects of windows they need, which bits they like and which bit's just came with it.

They all beat the windows OS technically, but windows is more than the OS. If you are talking about swapping inplace back and front office MS products it's going to be hard. If there are 3rd party apps, in house ones from VB CRUD apps to VBA macros....

I'd be having a look at what you want the OS to do first, windows technically inferior or not, may still be the pragmatic choice because it's already in play.

The big thing to remeber is linux is not windows, there will be some things that while being fit for purpose (possibly more so), will be different, and that's a cost.

Approach with care, you could do everything right and still get it wrong.

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That is the key here Tony

by jdclyde In reply to Business justification

he is here to push his website, not hold valid discussions with other members.

Take this as my opt-out.

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I'm with you. No text.

by santeewelding In reply to That is the key here Tony
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Hmm, never even noticed that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to That is the key here Tony

Generally I ignore links in posts.

I always give people the benefit of the doubt once, so we'll see.

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You got it wrong, sorry.

by daileyml In reply to That is the key here Tony

Sorry guys, you got it wrong. I'm not pushing anything. I'm asking a valid question. Don't follow the link, no problem. I am asking for some honest feedback, and you can post it here on the forums.

Sorry for the confusion.

-Mike D

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I'm with you also JD...caution, rant inside

by Forum Surfer In reply to That is the key here Tony

It wasn't that long ago that he took a cheap shot at you while you were posting about losing your job.

The rest of us offered condolences and he took the opportunity to tell you that you were under prepared and irresponsible, then proceeded to link us all back to his website and postings about how to prepare yourself.

He's a troll hiding in plain sight.

It's one thing to shamelessly link your website repeatedly at every possible point, but another thing entirely to try and take cheap shots at someone's dignity in the process.

I have no respect for the shamelessly self promoting guy. I'd still like to hold him for you while you break his nose over a beer at the local pub.

I think he should be blacklisted until he removes his links in his signature. The rest of us come don't bother promoting our own agendas so blatantly. If we want your silly little link we'll ask for it or pm you for it. Speaking of blacklists...I just thought of a new website to add to my web filter. I gotta go to work now...

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm with you also ...

A member's profile is the place to put links to his / her independent web site / web log / other external content. mdailey, fill out your member profile and put your link there. Do you end everything you say verbally with, "Visit my website at" If not, why do it in conversations here?

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It's a signature, guys

by daileyml In reply to Agreed.

I apologize if you don't like the use of a self-promoting link, but it's a signature, guys, and nothing more.

For the record, I apologized to jd for the tone of the post in the other forum. It came across wrong and I see that now. It wasn't meant to come across the way it did.

Now can we stay on-topic, please. I'm not here for the flame wars.

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Starting your discussion with a link is not a signature

by jdclyde In reply to It's a signature, guys

Any relevant information should have been provided here, not linked to on an outside source of your own making.

And insulting tone aside, that was what you did in my blog that tuned me on to your game. The promoting of your own blogs. The direct insults I **** off, but seeing how someone operates isn't forgotten.

I don't care about the link after your name, but the other links are out of place. Take the information from your blog, copy/paste it here, and if people like what you have to say, they will seek you out for more. The more intelligent members here do not follow random links posted by someone they don't know.

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Point taken

by daileyml In reply to Starting your discussion ...

jd, point taken. I removed the links from both of my posts. They were meant only as a source of info, nothing more. I also modified my post on your blog to remove the abrasive tone.

I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong, and I was. It wasn't intentional, but I can see how it appeared. Again, I apologize. I also sent you a private apology earlier today which you either ignored or didn't care to acknowledge. I just wanted you to know I had not intentionally taken a shot at you.

Beyond this, if folks remain upset and want to continue a useless dialogue it's on them. I've taken steps to correct an accidental situation and I do sincerely apologize. Accepted apology or not, it's out there.

-Mike D

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