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Which Linux for free desktops for kids?

By pikikoko ·
I get computer parts and build computers that I give away to kids in single parent families.
I need an OS for these computers. I feel Linux is the way to go. But I know nothing about Linux.
How can I install Linux on these free computer without paying for the OS and not having legal
problems with giving it away. Linux people I need your help! I need to know how to do this.
Which brand of Linux should I use? And all that legal stuff. If Linux is free can I just purchase a CD and load it on many computers?
How would a Linux person do this?
Many points for some good answers.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Which Linux for free desk ...

(The following is cut and pasted info):

Linux, together with a set of GNU programs, is an operating system. That is, Linux is not a single program or a suite of tools. Most "versions" of Linux, known as "distributions", are available to download free of charge. However, there are some things you should know about downloading and installing Linux:

...There exist several "versions" of Linux that can be downloaded an burned to a CD. These variants of the Linux operating system, known as "Live CD" versions will boot Linux directly from the CD on systems that are capable of doing this. (most post 1998 PCs will allow this). Memory requirements vary, so please consult our list of Live CD distributions on our distributions page (choose the option 'Live CD' from the 'Category' menu). Most of these versions are based on one called 'Knoppix'. Though we don't officially recommend this, it is the most popular to date. Both SUSE and Mandrake, major Linux distributors, offer Live CD versions of their products.

If you're interested in running Linux indefinitely or permanently, you can also download versions designed to be installed on your hard disk. Here is some information you should know.

You should have a high-speed Internet connection (T3, T1, xDSL, cable modem, ISDN). Trying to download a major vendor's version of Linux will probably be a frustrating experience with a dial-up modem connection.

You'll need the ISO images for the distribution you want to download which you must then copy or "burn" into a CD.

When you download Linux from the Internet. You are not entitled to that particular vendor's technical support......

-------- This comes from a great site to understand some basics about Linux:

Download Linux:

Documentation and How To Instructions:

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by pikikoko In reply to

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by willcomp In reply to Which Linux for free desk ...

Befor you invest any time and effort with Linux, check these links:

If you qualify, Win 98 or Win 2000 can be had for a few dollars per license. That is far superior to installing a "foreign" operating system with limited software availability and incompatible with PCs used in schools.


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by pikikoko In reply to

I don't understand what you mean by Foreign?
Please explain? I need helpful information.

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go 4 Sabayon or ubuntu

by echo9 In reply to

you can try sabayon or ubuntu

they are one of the best distros around~


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by house In reply to Which Linux for free desk ...

Linux for kids? Linux can be a very frustrating OS to learn and manage.

I recommend, for kids, Red Hat 9. It is free unless you want to register for support and updates.

You should also give Knoppix a try. It is an OS built in a bootable cd. They can never screw up the OS in any way.

It also serves is a great tech utility. It has an NTFS reader built in so you can mount your NTFS partitions.

PS - Most Linux distributions are available free for download.

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by pikikoko In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Which Linux for free desk ...

Just a side note:

Red Hat has / will stop offering RedHat Linux for download.

The free version of RedHat Linux is now Fedora Linux.

You might also want to contact Linspire and see if they will offer you a reduced cost version of their Windows friendly Linux.


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by pikikoko In reply to

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by rindi1 In reply to Which Linux for free desk ...

A correction to the statement of "house". Redhat 9 is no longer supported. Fedora-Core is the successor of the red-hat OS and can be downloaded free.

My suggestion is to use knoppix. All the OS and many programs are on 1 CD rom, the OS runs from the CD rom and so you don't have any support problems, things can't be changed.

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