Which Linux live-cd do you recommend for zero level users?

By jdclyde ·
I was talking with my Uncle yesterday, and we got onto the topic of computers. He doesn't know a lot about them, but is fascinated by them, so he likes to have these discussions with me.

I told him I was running a linux laptop, and had a few desktops that I am going to be loading linux on for my boys, and he stated that he wished he knew more about it. That was when I told him about the liveCD's, for the worry free sampling of a linux desktop.

He didn't understand about making his own disk, so I told him I would just get him one.

He has a very new laptop, running Vista, so it should be able to handle anything we throw at it, but no, I don't know what brand/model.

Which version would you recommend I set him up with?

Are there any issues he needs to know about to keep from breaking his system? I saw in one where it asks if you wish to save your settings. That can't/won't mess with Vista, will it?



getting on the road for support, so won't be back until tomorrow to check in on this.

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JD Mandriva Summer 2009 looks quite pretty

by OH Smeg In reply to Which Linux live-cd do yo ...

Only possible problems are the standard WiFi Card may not work and the ability to Install Mandriva to the computer after you have the Desktop running.

I haven't used the Live version because that is all that comes with it I just performed the Install and it went smoothly looks nice and works well.

You can get it here but you want the Free one not the KDE or Gnome. :)


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OK I just reread that and it's awful

by OH Smeg In reply to JD Mandriva Summer 2009 l ...

The Summer Edition of Mandriva comes as a Live Disc which you can chose to install after the system has loaded off the CD.

One of the better ones that I've used recently as well as gOS which works pretty well as well. :0

Oh and did I say Bump?


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Had to double check

by jdclyde In reply to OK I just reread that and ...

that you had the correct account... ;

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by jdclyde In reply to JD Mandriva Summer 2009 l ...

that comes with BOTH desktops available, right?

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From memory yes

by OH Smeg In reply to free

I seem to remember starting it in Gnome and when it was installed installing the KDE because I prefer that one.

I don't think that the Gnome or KDE are Live.

Yep I did check which account I was logged under too.


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Do you really need to ask?

by The Scummy One In reply to Which Linux live-cd do yo ...

It depends on different things, so here goes.

Many new users prefer a kde desktop, however the new kde s*cks in comparison to the old. I still prefer PCLOS07, however some might like Ubuntu (gnome) or Mandriva, or a bunch of others.
Basically, a suggestion -- grab a few distros on a live cd. see which one works best for that computer/user.
When I was playing around with distros, I found that on all of the HW I was using, PCLOS was flawless, installed and used everything fine. However SUSE 9 failed on 2 machines, Mandriva failed on 1 machine (interesting as PCLOS worked), Fedora failed on 3 of the 5 :0 , etc..
if one works fine, however has the wrong desktop, try a different version (desktop environment).

And NO, unless you choose to install it to the hard disk, it will not use the hard drive at all, except to read from.

Hmmm, I havent tried, however, it may write to the drive if you go in and tell it the drive is not read only, make a few changes, and re-mount it. However, it may be a hassle :)

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Yes, I really need to ask

by jdclyde In reply to Do you really need to ask ...

because I have not used many of the liveCDs and wanted personal experience, not reviews that may or may not be biased.

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Not a real Linux user

by Jacky Howe In reply to Which Linux live-cd do yo ...

but I agree with Scummy that PCLOS07 is by far the easiest to use and install.

Along with Jaqui's Video on how to install it should have you up and running in no time.

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not looking to install yet

by jdclyde In reply to Not a real Linux user

just something so my uncle can play around with it, no risks involved.

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I played

by Jacky Howe In reply to not looking to install ye ...

with Mandrake, Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux but I only ran them from CD. I did try to install Red Hat once but I got confused, but that was a long time ago. We had a Lan party playing games once and one of the mates brought his young fella over. I had to find something to keep the young fella amused and I didn't have any more working PC's, so I booted up an old PC with no hard drive and ran PCLinux for him. He was as happy as Larry surfing the net and finding his way around. It kept him going for hours.

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