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Which Linux system !?!

By otrebor93 ·
Hi all,
I wish to thank everyone fore all their comments, which have been very helpful, but regarding the suggestion on changing the OS, to window 2K, that is wxactly what I didn't want to do.
I've been told that NT is much more stable, and reliable, and that is why I was looking to into it.
I've already use Win 2K,98se, and XP, and they all have some sort of instability, in somme way.
I am not suggesting that NT is perfect, but it seems to have a better reputation, and many businesses adopt it.

May be, I'll have to look further, like an Open Source system, even thoughh it will be a head scratcher, for a computer newbie like my self.

Where do I start ? Which system ?
How do I find out if my hardware, is compatible, and how much informationn about my hardware, do I need for the installation?

Do you know any web site, devoted to all these wuestions?
I only found rendom information, but no specific guide for Idiots, DHAAH !!!

Thanks, Seth

ps: Would you believe me, if I told you, that I am studying IT ??? ( first year)


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by TheChas In reply to Which Linux system !?!

Well, if your desire is just to dabble in Linux to check it out and get your feet wet, I suggest Fedora Linux.

As the link implies, Fedora Linux is the "free" version of RedHat Linux.

While NT is more stable than W2K or XP, and should be studied by any aspiring IT professional, I would not set up a new network or personal system with NT.

Why not NT?

No (or at least VERY limited) support for USB devices.

No support for the newest hardware.

Many of the latest applications will not run under NT.
Check the system requirements for Office 2003 and the latest Adobe products.

Security: If not in it already, NT will soon be in the extended support phase at Microsoft.
That means that only the most critical security issues will get patches.
For a network behind a newer server OS, and a good hardware firewall, that is not as big an issue as for a single user connected to the outside world.


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by LMon In reply to Which Linux system !?!

As far as linux goes they are different types of linux(s) out there for different uses ie home, business desktop, server, etc... You need to take your time a read on the many different distro's and determine which one suits your needs. Popular ones are debian, redhat, suse, lycoris, etc. Here is a link with almost all the distro with a brief description of them. hopefully this will help you make your decision. As far as getting help with linux you can always use the support from your distro but your best bet is to join a linux forum that has your distro so you can get help 24\7. Here are two linux forums which I use and find them real good.

As far as hardware I can say the older the hardware the more compatible it will be with linux. Some of the new ones are compatible but you must load the drivers and then configure it which can be tricky. For video have noticed the nvidia is more compatible for linux than ati even though they both make drivers. Modem as long as they are not winmodems they should be detected by linux and should work with no problems. but you can always check your distro's page for supported hardware they will have list.

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by mysuse In reply to Which Linux system !?!

I had the same problem with you at first time I got a job. All I know I windows environment. But my boss told me to change all of the server to Open Source system. The options is Linux,FreeBSD or OpenBSD, I have tried all this. In fact the most important thing to this options is, which open source system using by the community next to your door. So if you have some trouble you just need to sent an email to this community and ask them, because many linux users gather in one community based on location called LUG ( Linux Users Group), just try to find it one in your location. I think that's the most important. All of linux distro is just fine, redhat,suse,slackware,debian you name it. They have more similiarity than the diffrence, You can customized them for your own suitable use.

Sorry if my english is bad.. :)
Hope I can help to have your decision..

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by jackperez In reply to Which Linux system !?!

I had the same problem. The Linux I like the best for users is Mandrake. It has very good GUI. There is a Linux that you can try that works in a bootable CD. This is a version of Linux that operates directly from the CD-ROM, enabling you to try Linux without installing it on your PC. To run DemoLinux, you will need 128MB of memory. I am sure that you can find the ISO in the many Linux web sites. This may be away you can go since this Linux version does not write to you hard drive the CD is a self contain operating system.

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by csturman In reply to Which Linux system !?!

JustLinux.Com has an entire sub-forum for just this exact question. Their archive is pretty huge:

I've been signed up there for about 3 years now and am on there daily.

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