Which method would you choose?

By DaveDXB ·
You have to install Windows XP Professional on 30 computers. You have the option to have 1 Windows Server 2003 Computer to help you if you need.

Which technique do you prefer using. Which one is effective, stable, and less time consuming.


Create UNATTENDED Windows Installation CD's with Scripts that start on logon to install all your programs and configurations.

Or similar, slip streaming your programs into Windows Installation CD (proven unstable for me depending on programs chosen)

Scripts such as: .bat files, AutoIT, etc..

I tried this technoque....Alot of time needed to prepare the scripts and test them to make sure everything running ok without errors.


Using SYSPREP and Norton GHOST to install one refference computer and clone it onto others using an External / Internal Hard Disk. Taking it to computer by computer and reloading the IMAGED drive to the new computers.

Havent tried this yet. Can you use an External USB Hard Disk to save the Image into? Will Ghost load the image from DOS from a USB plug Hard Disk?


Use a server to deploy windows with scripts.

Looks like B. & C. are much better choices than A.

On the other hand, Option B seems easier to setup and do for a novice user. Not scripting required or fancy programming. Using a server requires skills to set it up and confugure the scripts to load with group policy and stuff....

Would'nt you guys agree with me that B. would be the best option here? And if so, when would C. using a Server for remote installation be usefull to use?????

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by kgr1gr In reply to Which method would you ch ...

Dave i have use all ready the B solution and is fine especialy if the Gost application is advanced and works with network ,you can set a pc as symantec server that holds the image and through the boot Symantec cd you selecting the image from network that you want to restore ,or from USB external disk .

i have use Acronis to do that on 60 PC`s and it worked perfect .

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Cool, what about C.?

by DaveDXB In reply to BBBBBBBBBBBB

I should really try B one day. But do yo u have any advice on when to use C.?

Hmm...I see no bevefit in using C. Unless you may need to use something windows has to offer that IMAGING doesnt, like group policies or whatever....

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adout c

by kgr1gr In reply to Cool, what about C.?

you remeber athriller movie "Time its always on my site" C is like that !!
i mean that if i have much time to make all the scripts ,test them ,test them in Group policy ,fix all the .exe files for all of my applications for the group policy ,Then yes why not ,usually the type C i have used for installation in very large networks like Banks etc. i have used and type C also but it takes much time for the preparation and tests for the applications .

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by originalslagos In reply to Which method would you ch ...

I would use B but save the Image on the network and load the image like that. saves bout 30mins in the can load the image form a USB but its a bit of a pain

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