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    Which mobile OS is the most stable for installed apps?


    by belen.v.mcmillen

    1. I was tasked to research a comparison of mobile operating systems that is the least problematic, most stable, no crash, when installing and running the same app version in Android and iOS, considering that the app uses an embedded database.

    2. Do the same app behave differently especially when used in a tablet vs cell phone?

    3. Which OS gives the user the best experience when using the app?

    Many of you might have been developing database app for both OS for your clients and I have no experience in this, yet. 馃檪

    Thank you for any input you may have on my inquiry.

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      1. I’d like to see your list.

      by rproffitt

      In reply to Which mobile OS is the most stable for installed apps?

      Android and iOS while the most common can’t be called stable because updates come out very often.
      2. Not only does an app change in appearance from tablet to phone but there can be other nuances so again some reference is needed here because it might be acceptable for said app to look different on different devices.
      3. I’m an older dev with app predating the PalmOS and for our apps it was never an OS issue. Once our app launched, the experience was completely under our control.

      Apple for us was the most problematic because the users tended to need support for their Apple accounts which we can’t help with. Android? No such issue there.

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