which network management software do you use?

By gavinjinks ·
Hi guys,

I'm doing research for my dissertation, and understandably, most companies who I have contacted do no wish to offer too much information about their network.

What Network Management Systems have you used?
Is there a reason why you have used them, and what was your experience like?
What where the best features of the software?

Any information or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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First of all, consider that most companies use a mix of tools

by robo_dev In reply to which network management ...

Thus typically there are vendor-specific tools, such as CiscoWorks, Extreme Enterprise Manager, or HP Insight Manager (more a server than network tool) that are tailor-made to help configure and monitor devices very precisely. These are used more for provisioning, maintenance, code updates, etc.

Then typically companies use a more general SNMP monitoring and alert platform, so the folks in the operations center see when Topeka goes off-line. Tools such as EMC Ionix and IBM Tivoli are generally found up on the screen in the operations center, and are used as the day-to-day dashboard, and also typically used to generate uptime and response-time metrics for SLAs. These tools are sometimes used more to manage/monitor servers and databases, but are often used for the network as well.

Also for the day-to-day monitoring some companies I've worked with use tools like Cisco IOS NetFlow to monitor traffic flows in real-time for Cisco shops (and there are similar NetFlow flavors for Juniper - jFlow, HP - NetStream, etc.).

The makeup and mix of tools needed varies a lot depending on the overall scale/scope/design of the network. A small one-location enterprise will have vastly different needs than a hosting company or eCommerce provider, of course.

And then of course there are the specialized test and simulation tools, everything from impairment generators, to protocol analyzers and even wireless test and measurement tools.

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Reponse To Answer

by gavinjinks In reply to First of all, consider th ...

Thanks robo_dev, across most of my research I have found this to be the case. My main point of view for my dissertation is: How effective are open-source network management tools in a small to mid size organisation.

I have formulated several opinions over the past few months, and having not been able to compare proprietary tools that easily (I am an student with no money after all!) It seems that open-source is a winner for monitoring and auditing, but not necessarily the winner for configuration and in depth statistics?

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re:which network management software do you use?

by jonny_m In reply to which network management ...

I will recommend the best software tool for everyone. Good tool have good services and it provides the best assistance too.

issue tracking software

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some more

by JPElectron In reply to which network management ...

PRTG (free demo for 10 sensors)
MRTG (open-source/free I believe)
ipMonitor (insanely expensive)
HP Insight Monitor (comes with HP Proliant Servers, plus other features you can license)
ManageEngine (various products)

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