Which of these is best for me?

By ayox2003 ·
My name is Ayomide Philip, Male, 22. I just completed my first degree in Computer Science with no skill in any of the IT field. Which of the IT fields can I specialize in?

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We do not know what is best for you....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Which of these is best fo ...

Only you will find that out as you go through life. What you have learnt through your studies as a computer scientist try and fit it into your work.
We do not know you so we do not know what is best for you, only you know the answer to that big question. Follow your heart and you will find the answer. Sometimes it will be hard work, but then life is hard, it comes easier as you get more information and you build on that, it is called learning, practice on what you learn, you will find mistakes, that is life. If you rectify those mistakes and make good then you are half way there to what you are trying to achive.

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If you have no skills, and no feeling of what you want to do

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Which of these is best fo ...

Why did you take the degree?

The best thing for you would be a good kick in the arse, to get your brain in gear.

What a bass ackwards way of looking at things. You need to re-evaluate matey, logical thought doesn't seem to come naturally, perhaps you should consider management....

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