Which one is safe? Ubuntu or Windows 10?

By zenervaseo ·
I heard that ubuntu is safe for our IT work compares to Windows. So Am I correct? and If yes then why? If not then how windows are good?
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Re: safe

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to Which one is safe? Ubuntu ...

Because Windows is used more than Linux, there are more criminals and governments targeting Windows for their malicious purposes than Linux.
But that doesn't mean that Linux is 100% safe. is a nice introduction.

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by BOB.B In reply to Which one is safe? Ubuntu ...


Some problems.
The user.......what they are allowed to do.
Apps and the OS.....keeping them patched.

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Ubuntu vs Windows 10

by joffrey2 In reply to Which one is safe? Ubuntu ...

Some of the major difference between Ubuntu & Windows 10;
1. Ubuntu is a very reliable operating system Windows 10.
2. MS office doesn’t work properly in Ubuntu in the comparison of Windows 10.
3. Adobe & Photoshop not working much properly in Ubuntu.
4. Ubuntu is an open source OS while Windows is a paid and licensed OS.
5. Ubuntu system boots faster than Windows10.

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ubuntu (linux)

by whitearon71 In reply to Which one is safe? Ubuntu ...

I know this answers may vary from one to another, and each one will have its own reasons. In my opinion, linux is more secured compared to windows, in several fronts.

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