Which one is the best browser and why?

By globaltechcrew ·
I am using the Mozilla browser but some time i got difficulty or error in Mozilla. do you have any suggestion about new browser
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Tor browser or chrome

by kurskoo40 In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

For errors and speed optimize I would reccomend Chrome, For anonymousity I'd reccomend Tor browser. Tor browser is a browser like mozilla but uses VPN inside the browser itself.

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google chrome

by Online Timesheet In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

Chrome is ubiquitous, and for good reason. With a robust feature set, full Google Account integration, a thriving extension ecosystem, and a reliable suite of mobile apps, it’s easy to see why Chrome is the new gold standard for web browsers.

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Google Chrome

by In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

Google Chrome is the best web browser because it is user friendly browser and anybody can easily use this browser

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Of course Chrome

by fancywang In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is the best, and the startup speed has always been a blemish for Firefox, but for the impetuous Internet, speed is really important, even if it is a few seconds.

1. Start speed. In Firefox and Chrome, my home page is Google, Chrome is usually open within 2 seconds, as Chrome official said "loading pages between fingertips," and Firefox is usually 5 seconds the above.

2. Analysis speed. Chrome uses "multiprocess-based" technology, and each site is isolated. Therefore, when encountering slowly loaded or dead pages, it will not drag down the whole Chrome, thus effectively avoiding browser crashes. This is obviously better than Firefox.

3. Memory usage. In order to compare the memory usage, I did a test. When Chrome and Firefox both loaded 5 extensions, they all opened Google. Chrome's total memory usage was 22,812k, while Firefox was 77,840k. However, after Firefox enabled the Memory Fox extension, memory usage dropped to 23,741k, which is basically the same as Chrome.

Besides, Private Browser is good for me. It have built-in privacy mode, and ad-blocking features. These can indeed increase the speed of opening. No annoying advertising interruptions, no one tracking my history, which makes me feel very comfortable.

The link:

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Chrome is best

by stephenchongsg In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

There is no denying fact that chrome is the best browser. It has multiple features with full google integration. There are other google products which you can use with a single browser. chrome is heavy but still is google for working on office and multiple accounts.

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by tedbaker1 In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

Google Chrome is better in my opinion.
But FF is great also.

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by samgord In reply to Which one is the best bro ...

I like Google Chrome.
I never had any issues.

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