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which one should I study?

By hung.nguyen ·
my company ask me to get some certify relate to network. I am thinking to take MCSE or some certify about 2003 microsoft server.(what do you call this certify. I know that MCSE is have 6 exams to take that is so hard for me. So which one you think I should take ?Any suggestion I will be appreciated .

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to which one should I study?

goto my site at and look to bottom of first page to links that describe in detail the kind of certifications and what they involve.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to which one should I study?

Well, what do you do?
And more important, what do you WANT to do?

If you do network admin things -- set up servers, manage Active Directory, work with Microsoft server products -- then the MCSE route would make sense.

If you are a programmer, then the MCSE is the wrong thing for you.

And then you need to think about the future. What do you want to do in the IT field? Networking/routing? Then look to Cisco certification. Security? Then the ICS2 CISSP makes sense. Hardware? A+ certification.

But don't take a certification that you won't need or use or is the wrong one for you. For example, after I did the MCSE (which makes sense for me since I am a Windows guy), I then started on the Cisco CCNA route....
and I found out I am NOT a router guy! I found the Cisco router configuration not interesting. I like knowing how routing works and what it is, but I don't really want to know how to set it up!
Security, I have found, is interesting, so I am going for the CISSP next year.

So, think about what you like and want to do, then certify in that.

hope this helps

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by simeentgv In reply to which one should I study?

Your company has suggested you to get some related certify relate to computer network .So first think why this suggesion is made .It may improve your career .Today networking has large demands so if you are interested then go for it.

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by Aldanatech In reply to which one should I study?

Take the MCSE certification only if you are working with Microsoft products and services. Other choices are the MCSA, that you can take if you will focus mainly on administrating accounts. If what your company wants is for you to get any networking certification and you're fairly new in networking, then you can start with Network+. It will give the foundations you need for more advanced certifications and you can even use it towards an alternative to cover one of the requirements for the MCSA. You can also try Security+, and this can be use towards both the MCSA and MCSE.

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by SoHoHelpDesk In reply to which one should I study?

My Suggestions are:
Your Company wants you to take some Networing type Certifications, well I do not know how much experience you have but where you have to ask the question I am thinking you are new to Networking. My suggestions are: CompTIA A+ & Network + these are entry level certification exams and will give you a great starting point. MCSE is well let me say not that easy and quite expensive to write exams so you want to make sure you know your stuff. The 2 CompTIA certifications will count towards your MCSA which is a great Network Administration certification and is actually reachable inside of 1 year with alot of hard work and experience. You will know what you want to do after you take the 2 CompTIA certifications of A+ & Network +, after this you can also look at the Security + certification which is a entry level Security Certification. Also join a Computer Book Club so you can get your Study Material for Cheep, I will suggest the Exam Cram 2 Series, these are great books. Good Luck

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by bongs16 In reply to which one should I study?

Are you looking to purchase a CISSP CBT? Email me and get the real facts on what is the best one to purchase. Otherwise you will end up paying too much and wish you had not.

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by tweedle99 In reply to which one should I study?

It's not too bad. You could go for the MCSA first to get the hang of the Microsoft testing. You could also go for CCNA, if you want to focus on the network side

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