Which one's better?

By wompai ·
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 / Nvidia GeForce GT 420M
Core Speed: 750 MHz / 500 MHz
Shader Speed: 750 MHz / 1000 MHz
Memory Speed: 1800 MHz / 800 MHz
Memory Size: 512 Mb / 1024 Mb

Which one is better?
Note: These are both GPUs of laptops (two different Acer Aspire's) with a 2 GHz dual core Pentium and 4 Gb of RAM.

(speeds are guidelines set by manufacturers and may vary a bit)

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Neither is better it all depends on what it is you want to do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Which one's better?

But if this is any help nVidia Video Cards tend to be wanted more by the Gamers so if your main reason for looking at this particular system is to play games the nVidia Chip Set is likely to suit your needs better.

But the reality is it's all Personal Preference as to what you like.


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I'm a gamer

by wompai In reply to Which one's better?

I love gaming, i just figured that the ATI card had less mb's

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by pstanley In reply to Which one's better?

I have the ATI on my laptop and NVIDIA on my desktop at work. I get better color resolution on the NVIDIA at work.

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Reponse To Answer

by wompai In reply to NVIDIA

Yeah, but color quality can also be set with screen options are something like that...
I've got an ATI radeon HD 4600 on my desktop and the colors are fine. I just want to know which of the two GPUs has the highest FPS in the majority of games, at the highest possible quality... For instance: Call of Duty 6 on medium settings: what GPU has the highest FPS?

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Don't care about color!

by wompai In reply to Which one's better?

You guys, I don't care about whether Nvidia has greater color quality are not, I just want to now which one would be faster.

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More info needed for a good assessment

by Charvell In reply to Which one's better?

#1 question you need ask/know when chosing a GFX card is, what resolution will you be gaming at. At 1280x1024 and under, for example, these 2 cards will give you roughly the same performance, and any performance differences won't be noticable to the human eye. #2 is how graphics intensive are your games. If, for an extreme example, you want to play Crysis at 1600x1200 you need way more power than either of the cards. All that being said, as far as pure spec numbers are concerned, the cards will end up as a wash. Yes the 420M has more memory, however, it is at less than 50% of the speed. I would look at price to make your desicion at this point.

pstanley: you are incorrect, unless you ripped apart a laptop and figured out how to put a laptop GPU into your desktop. You can never compare laptop and desktop GPUs, even if they are the same model. Mobility (ATI) or M (NVIDIA) are inherently different from discrete graphics cards made for ATX towers.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to More info needed for a go ...

And here the OP has the option of either a ATI or nVidia Display Chip Set in a New NB and is asking which is the better for their needs.

I would say a Desktop is better but then again I'm Biased.


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by wompai In reply to Which one's better?

Ey, guys

I will (try to) be able to play games at the resolution of 1366 x 768. Both laptops are the same price (the one with the Nvidia has 250GB more HDD space). So according to you guys it doesn't matter in performance, only the Nvidia is (sort-of) compatible with more games (such as World Of Warcraft, Trackmania United).

Because both laptops are the same price (500 euros), I think I'll just go for the Nvidia.

Thanks for the help!

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by RockerGeek! In reply to Which one's better?

Since the speed on both the core and memory are clocked higher, I'd suggest the ATI card for performance/speed. Or find a comparable nVidia (unless the price is a factor for you, too)

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