Which OS is better for a 130-client Server?

By Ghiami ·
What I mean is that I'm to write a proposal to get on with server erection and its architecture design but I still am in dilemma whether linux base server goes with this 130-client server or the windows server 2008? You know what, I am searching the upsides and downside for both linux and windows! well on the budget, consider there wouldn't be any restriction and all the lettuce will be provided as need ! but the heart of the job to me is the way of simply putting which OS can go with my hardwares( which are CPU:INTEL XEON AND THE MOTHERBOAR SUPER MICRO) BETTER?

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why did

by .Martin. In reply to Which OS is better for a ...

you post this again?

you should have just posted a reply to your original post

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Well for Servers I only use

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Which OS is better for a ...

Gigabyte, Intel or Tyan M'Boards Type=Socket+1366

But depending on what is being used here and what is involved perhaps one of the smaller Blade Servers would be a better option. IBM for example has a 48 Hour solution Base for Nix Blades if you use their supported Nix Distro's. That means that when you hit a problem with the code they guarantee to have a fix within 48 Hours.

As for which OS would be best this again depends on what is to be done with the server and the Skill Set of those who will be supporting it. For instance if these people are Windows Only Support then there is no point in using a Nix Sever as those people tasked with keeping it running will not have the first clue how to do the required work.

It's pointless having the technical best solution if it's never running.


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by Ghiami In reply to Well for Servers I only u ...

Thanks pal.
I got what you mean

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to gratitude

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