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Which OS?

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Which of the two operating systems is more stable to use over a network:
- Windows 2000 Professional
- Windows XP Professional

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by LMon In reply to Which OS?

They both tend to cause problems sometimes especially when you get a user that has no idea what they are doing or are scared to mess things up but I would go with xp.

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by TheChas In reply to Which OS?

For a network environment at a business go with W2K.

2000 is both more stable and secure than XP Pro.

The added "features" in XP that support gaming and related programs make XP less stable and secure than W2K.


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by valis In reply to Which OS?

2k all the way, i'm hoping to skip xp

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by Drollia In reply to Which OS?

In the Small shop that I work in all we use is XP.

there are a number of reasons that we like to do this in the shop. First it is the operating system the microsoft seems to update the most.

Second, We have found it more stable. We also use it because it works alot better on hardware, alot of the machines that we get in are older and XP has a quite large database of Hardware that it will automatically install. Not more messing with CD for Hardware which save a lot of time.

the only problems that I have had with XP and would take 2000 over is the fact that xp doesn't manage it resources for anything. XP will take as much resource that you will give it to take.
2000 is also a lot cheaper then 2000 in the since that it is older then XP.

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by theohkm In reply to Which OS?

Both are similar. It depends on your need.

Applications are more likely to work very well in Windows2000 but not in WindowsXP. Stuck process like "Not repsonding......." is less likely to happen in Windows2K.

Windows2000 is good enough for professional while WindowXP gives you experience from it gorgorous apperances.

Hardware support is an issue. WindowsXP of course is the latest OS, therefore it contains a lot more preloaded hardware drivers than windows2000.

Windows2K - For production system
WindowsXP - For entertainment

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by wlbowers In reply to Which OS?

Go with 2000. You will spend less on Jack Daniels.


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