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Which PC brand has lowest failure rate?

By deborah.camacho ·
We used to buy custom build, but that has become unreliable/unpredictable. We purchased on national brand last year with about 20% having hardware replacements under warranty.

If we pay more, can we lower that rate? What is your experience?


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by TheGodfather In reply to Which PC brand has lowest ...

Compaq are alleged to be the best straight forward brand.
But everything and I mean everything within is run only by Compaq drivers.
For a business this has to be the No:1.
And NO I don't work for them. I would never touch them for a home machineeither...

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Custom-built with Quality parts

by fire_mesh In reply to Compaq

Being a tech support technician for most major brand of PC, including the 2 companies that just got married ;-), in my professional opinion, if you know someone who has experience in building PC, buy quality parts and build your own PC -it will probably be most reliable. And, really 2 have a reliable PC means you have 2 be gentle and be quite tedious in the way u use it, not just install anything under the sun onto it,as that will be the most likely cause of system failure and headache. Hardware wise, its all about built quality, and whether u are lucky or not.
Most reputable maunfacturer would produce good and reliable PC( provide u treat it with care), but if u r unlucky u'll be the unlucky 20% who will have never ending problems with your PC.
One last word with major brand PC, If it works from start, it'll probably be fine for 2/3 yrs or even more, if you get problem straight away- get it exchanged!!
Hope my long winded explaination helps.

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