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Which PDA have you recently purchased an

By susan.hammitt ·
I am interested in finding out which of the various PDAs you have purchased and why you selected this one versus another. Thanks.

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Visor is the one for me!!!

by rob In reply to Which PDA have you recent ...

I am partial to the Visor. It is in my opinion more flexable and has more extras designed for it and is half of the price of a Palm.

The only draw backs are:
1. You are using not the most resent OS for palms. It is one back.
2. It is slightly wider than the palm V.

I still think that the Visor offers more flexability and features than the Visor. I personnaly have not found a fault with using an older Palm OS. It still can transmitt (via IR) to other palms data and receive alike.

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Thanks for the input!

by susan.hammitt In reply to Visor is the one for me!! ...

Thank you so much for your response. Where did you purchase? Was it on line?

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by jfinn In reply to Which PDA have you recent ...

Hi Susan: Recently purchased the PalmVIIx. Why -- the most stable one one the market, the most support from thrid party vendors, and it also has the wireless feature which I will likely subscribe to in the next year or so. Good huntint! Joe

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by leasure suit larry In reply to Which PDA have you recent ...

I purchased a 545 Jornada with 16 meg and then I bought an 125meg flash compact mem. for 170.00. I purchased it because a friend of mine was selling it for a great price. Plus it did more then just play music and keep notes and contacts.. feature that i like are infrared,voice recording,its very portable,music,games ect.

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Price is a great deal

by Gunzan In reply to price

I got a Palm m100 for Xmas present from my boyfriend. My company do not think they are something to by to us. M100 is good for the price and it have good programs. The technic gose so fast in this field so you do not have to by the most expensive itwill be old in a short time.

// Gunzan

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Palm IIIc

by pnmiller In reply to Which PDA have you recent ...

I'm a research analyst at heart and did a lot before I purchased my PDA. We have two schools of thought here: Handspring and Palm, both of which use the PALM OS which everyone has agreed is a better operating system for our purposes. I admit I liked the Handspring color version, but the cost was prohibative - I simply couldn't justify the added expense for expansions I wouldn't use.

The best website I found if you are going out on line is under After you choose computers, thenthe subcategory of PDAs... you will see a section at the bottom of the screen that allows you to analyze the choices on the markets. It's a good survey - even if all that it does is makes you cleary think of all your options.

I have never regretted my purchase.. I love it! I am only sorry I didn't do it sooner.

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PDAs--Why use them?

by Suzanne Thornberry In reply to Palm IIIc

I'm working on an article for CIORepublic focusing on how people--especially IT executives--really USE their PDAs. There are some people who only use their devices as address books and schedulers, but others have some pretty sophisticated uses, sometimes customized to interact with company data. I'm interested in hearing all stories about your personal experiences with PDAs--successes AND pitfalls.

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