Which platform for a new product?

By matthew.paver ·

I'm about to start developing a software product and need some advice on which platform(s) to choose.

I'll summarise the background on this a little. I have the begginings of a relational db table schema in MS Access. I've now decided that because Access is less secure, stable, robust etc... than a fully fledged db system such as SQL Server or MySQL, that it needs to be moved onto a more advanced platform. The problem for me is that I've never released or been involved in the release of commercial software and don't know how to best do this.

My initial thoughts were to develop and sell this on SQL Server with a .net asp web interface, which would be efficient but costly. I am completely open to open source like MySQL because I use them frequently using Joomla. So, I see that I have two decisions to make:

1. What database backend to use?
2. What front end interface to use?

My skills are limited to intermediate .net, VBA, HTML, CSS, SQL and other various common technologies. To give you an example, I'd be able to code an intranet either hard code or in .net with tools, but I wouldn't easily be able to code a VBA user interface.

So can anyone help please???

Thanks in advance, Matt

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