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    Which ports do we limit?


    by natusman03 ·

    Does anyone know what ports musicmatch jukebox, media player, real player, quicktime use for streaming?

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      Wrong approach

      by gralfus ·

      In reply to Which ports do we limit?

      The best way to approach port security is to shut them all off and only open the ones you need.

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      Application Management

      by jj2000 ·

      In reply to Which ports do we limit?

      Hi there,
      I agree with your last poster and want to add to that also. There are a lot of port-hopping web-based applications and it’s pretty impossible to manage them in that regard.

      We recommned Packeteer, a hardware-based Layer 7 solution for bandwidth management. They’re truly wonderful; plug it in, let it monitor and it will immediately start classifying data into traffic trees. You can see what’s really going across your network and limit (or stop) any applications such as streaming medias, games, etc.

      The Packeteers have over 500 applications that are pre-defined. You don’t have to set them up yourself. They can identify and classify everything from Quake to Quicktime, Kazza and network protocols such as OSPF, etc.


      Carolina Advanced Digital
      Packeteer Solutions Provider

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