which product and how do Ii connect a dvd to a pc

By grgjam8 ·
I want to record tv programs from my pc

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Not quite sure what you are meaning here ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to which product and how do ...

"I want to record tv programs from my pc "

How exactly did these TV programs get onto your PC? Do you have a PCI Tuner Card fitted? That would be the only way that you could capture TV programmes onto your HDD.

As for burning these programmes onto a DVD+-R, you would have to fit a DVD drive to your PC.

Now, without far more information regarding what PC you have at present, how it is equipped, and what you intend doing with it IN DETAIL - there is very little more I could offer you.

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RE: I want to record tv programs from my pc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to which product and how do ...

To me that implies that you already have the Programs in Question on the computer.

So what type of DVD do you want to connect to?

Probably more importantly what type of computer do you have to begin with?

What type of DVD Burner do you have or want to buy?

Normal People fit a DVD Burner to their Computers so if you have a Desktop the CD Drive gets removed and replaced with a DVD Burner and these normally come with a Recording Package to burn different Media Formats to either CD or DVD. Depending on the type of DVD Burner you buy you may be required to only use DVD-R or DVD +R Blanks or you could buy a Multi Format DVD Burner.

If you have a Note Book you remove the Optical Drive and fit a Slimline DVD Burner ideally a Multi Format type.

If you have a Net Book without a Internal Optical Drive you buy a USB DVD Burner that connects tot he computer via a USB Lead.

If you mean that you want to connect your Computer to a DVD Player feeding a TV you need to have a Video Card that has a S Video Output which will generate the Video and connect that with a suitable lead to the DVD Player. You'll also need to buy a Audio Lead that suits your computer and DVD Player to feed the Sound into it so it can send the sound to a Home Theater System or to the TV whatever you are using to generate the Audio.

Generally speaking the more specific you can be when you ask a question the more relevant the responses that you get will be. If you ask a vague question with no background the responses will be vague because it's not possible to be specific if we do not know what you have or what you want to do.


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