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I am Emmanuel from Nigeria. Though i have ask some programers this questions, i want to still put this to the house. I urgently need advice on choosing a programming language for a start. One that is easy to learn because i am sort a buzy guy

I already started with VB.NET and into web programming alreasdy (PHP MYSQL) but i want to advance my career to software development. Which do i start from C#, Java, VB.NET? please advice me.....

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by TobiF In reply to Which programming languag ...

What kind of tasks do you want to accomplish?
Do you need a "back-haul" functionality to your VB/PHP frontend? Or are you rather thinking of creating graphical games etc.

Do you have any specific target audience? (Mobile phones etc.)

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Further your career

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Which programming languag ...

See what poeple are using where you'd like to work. Or what get most hits on jobs sites nera where you are.

All languages are easy to learn, lerning how to program is the hard bit.

To be quite honest if you are too busy to learn, programming is unlikely to be something you should do.

I started learning in 76, still doing it, which is why I've had, I'm having, and will continue to have a career in it.

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