Which router can handle the bandwidth?

By powder21 ·
I have researched the **** out of Cisco's website and I'm still having trouble with making the right choice.

There will be 5Mbps links from the remote locations to the main location for a total of 20Mbps of WAN bandwidth being handled by the headend router. 2800 series routers at the remote sites and a 3825 as the headend would surely handle this (unless I'm mistaken).

But then I thought of scalability. There may actually be a need to increase the bandwidth up to 20Mbps per link in the future. I don't think the above choice of routers would handle this, but then I'm not experienced with WANs. So do I put a 3825 at each remote site and if so, what do I put at the main site?

Please please help or direct me to useful info. Thanks!

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by powder21 In reply to Which router can handle t ...

Can anyone help with this?

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WAN serial links...

by CG IT In reply to Anyone?

I believe that your HWIC-1T ethernet card on the 2800 will provide you with 8 mbps throughput on each port. I think the serial DSU gives you full T1 of 1.5mbps up and down.

Here are some Q&A on HWIC modules. Note the HWIC-1T is not supported on the 3600.

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