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    Which router is good for t3 shared internet


    by viralpatel79 ·


    I am starting a new small business. We have bought 3 dell servers for our web application.
    we have a shared t3 internet that is activated by the building IT people. Accoring to the letter they sent me after activiating T3 connection to our office..they said..they have given us 3 public static ip addresses with all inboud and outbound ports open.

    We requested 3 IPs for our 3 diff webapplications.
    I am not a networking guy and I have very limited knowledge about it. I was wondering which would be the best and cheap router that can manage 3 ips with T3 shared connection.

    Any help would be really really apriciated…


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      by viralpatel79 ·

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      by jellimonsta ·

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      When you say you will have a ‘shared T3’ Internet connection, what exactly do you mean?
      Do you have a certain amount allocated to you, and the rest to other businesses (called a fractional T3). Or, is it a kind of broadband connection, where you have a certain amount, but the ability to ‘burst’ to the full 45Mbps T3 rate (called burstable T3/ DS3)?
      The amount of bandwidth you need, and the amount of foreseen inbound connections will greatly influence the hardware necessary. Also, as your provider will not be providing an firewall services, you will either want (if you do not have) a firewall, or you may use the Cisco ISR (Integrated Services Router) which can have ‘some’ firewall and even intrusion prevention services.
      The Cisco ISR comes in many flavors and can range in price from $800 to $20,000. Will this edge router/ firewall be strictly inbound traffic for your corporate web presence? Or will it also be an egress firewall for any internal corporate traffic to the web? Will you have a separate Internet connection/ firewall for any outbound corporate traffic, or Email? The propagation of a virus could affect your web presence greatly if you have a singular gateway, and it is only tailored to meet current needs.
      Just some food for though.

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