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Which school is better?

By Maw4Angels ·
I'm pretty much a newbie (so to speak) meaning I've never gone to school to get certified. I'm thinking of two schools to attend they are both boot camp schools. Unitek and CED solutions. Which of the two is the best one to attend? Basically which of the two gives you your money's worth.
I'm going for Net+, A+ and Security+

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Bootcamps are for losers

by jdclyde In reply to Which school is better?

The cram sessions will not teach you how to hold a job in the field.

Either buy a book and study, or sign up for technical training sessions that have real hands on learning.

Also, get an entry level job so you are working with the technology as you learn the details of it.

The people that go to the bootcamps to buy a cert are generally useless once they get a job, and make everyone else in the field look bad. Don't join the rank of the useless.

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Tell it like it is

by santeewelding In reply to Bootcamps are for losers

I went through two; one for hardware and operating systems, one for networking. Cost me, like, $3000.

Thing was, I knew it like it was. Had no intention of certifying and looking for work (self-employed). Need-to-know only.

Thing also was, I used them to point me in a myriad of other directions. Like, TR.

That was years ago. I'm still here.

Speak, JD, and anyone else, to my invalidity.

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Ah, but that is a different case

by jdclyde In reply to Tell it like it is

I would recommend the sessions for a boss that doesn't need to KNOW the subject matter, just be familiar with it, so they can have a better understanding what can and can't be done.

Or again, as Palmy pointed out, for someone that knows it, but needs to brush up on the terminology for testing.

But for someone just getting started in the field, doing that for a living? Worthless.

It is all about the right tool at the right time. Too many people waste their time and money thinking it is going to be some kind of shortcut or easy way to get a great paying job.

(FYI for people getting into the field, I think I am going to be laid off again by the end of the day).

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You're not getting laid off again are you?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Ah, but that is a differe ...

Geez.....I thought they just cut your hours a couple weeks you think it's just going to be a short term thing?

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Not laid off

by jdclyde In reply to You're not getting laid o ...

just got my hours cut back again. Four hours a weak.

Monday starts the weekend! Woo Woo! :)

On the bright side, just in time for hunting season! Going down to file for unenjoyment today. Was still making too much with 12 hours to make it worth filing, but 4 hours....

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That sucks

by Oz_Media In reply to Not laid off

Time off is nice, but the UI ski team doesn't pay much.

I guss they were all Obama fans, lefties, liberals, the end of the world.

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Gives me time

by jdclyde In reply to That sucks

to finish up work on the house and then get out and find something better.

Side jobs are enough to make ends meet for a few months even without filing for unenjoyment, so not going to go under.

It will make Christmas a little tighter though.

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Well best of luck JD

by Oz_Media In reply to That sucks

Despite everything we've battled out lately, it's just online venting and I've always considered you a decent guy and I know how tough it can get out there in that damn con-game we call life.

fingers crossed for a better tomorrow, always.

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nice blanket assumption there

by jck In reply to Bootcamps are for losers

Some people attend bootcamps and fast-pace training to pick up the things that the book, online training, and even FAQs/knowledgebases/blogs don't.

I went to MS .NET programming classes after I'd already been programming it for a year.

I went to interface with MS certified instructors who can answer my questions and teach me things nothing you can buy in printed form can.

Glad to know I'm a loser.

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Yeah, but you were already knowledgable in the field...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to nice blanket assumption t ...

You didn't go there to learn .NET sat down & spent the time & learned it on your own.

The people that go to the bootcamps with no previous experience and only attend with one expectation (to get a cert) are not helping themselves or their future coworkers/employers should the ever get hired with only a piece of paper & no experience.

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