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    Which Server to buy?


    by sanwardak ·


    I am helping some one, he need to setup a server in his 8 employees business. Currently all his 8 workstations are Workgroup. I am thinking about server 2008 R2. He might expanded in future. He only use 8 stations for now and will need a network printer. Which type CAL should he go for? Can I install server 2008 R2 on one of his workstation i5 with 64 bit, 18 GB RAM and 2TB hard drive? Or he will need to buy a severe which will cost him lots of $$. Do Microsoft still sales server 2008 or they only sale 2012 and above?

    Thank you in Advance

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      by sanwardak ·

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      What is the purpose of the server

      by cpguru21 ·

      In reply to Which Server to buy?

      What this person need the server to do? I understand you asking about client access licenses but depending on the purpose or need of the server, there may be some nice low cost solutions out there. Either way you should have a good understanding of what is needed in the office environment.

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        He want to have an AD to have more control.

        by sanwardak ·

        In reply to What is the purpose of the server

        Just to make work easy for his staff he want to setup AD and join workstations and have shared folders. separate users based on their duty like different OUs. Now he do backup on each station and dont have much control over users.


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      Server 2012

      by paulhelp21 ·

      In reply to Which Server to buy?

      I would recommend Windows Server 2012 Essentials, which is designed for less than 25 users, all calcs are included. I don’t think that you can purchase 2008 anymore.

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