which servers can we use for sharing a s/w in a lan ?

By shanx24 ·
i need to know the servers that one can use to share a s/w b/w computers within a lan...i.e can you tell the process by which we can install a particular s/w in a computer and it can be used and processed by others connected in a local lan without installing that s/ would be great if you could suggest some s/w to implement this whole process.

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what is b/w?

by robo_dev In reply to which servers can we use ...

assuming that s/w means software, and that software is made to be shared on a LAN
(from both a technical and legal standpoint), then on a LAN you could use:

A computer running a server Operating System (OS) such as Windows 2003. Assuming that your computers are running a desktop OS such as Windows XP, then these desktop computers can connect to the server using these two operating systems.

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by Andrew Marr In reply to which servers can we use ...

You might be looking at running Citrix or VMWARE.

You would still need the correct licensing from the software supplier (users etc)

Please clarify b/w as mentioned by robo_dev

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You mean an Application Server.

by seanferd In reply to which servers can we use ...
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Be specific

by rajm791 In reply to which servers can we use ...

It's kindaa blur what u've asked for.Anyhow, what it seems is you want a s/w which is operational on LAN and controlled through server.If thats the thing then and you are using Windows server then try Remote Desktop application.dedicate a server fro remote app operation and deploy remote app on the client.with which ucan monitor and controll who all can access what abd how mcuh of you core s/w.For details check microsoft literature.

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