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    Which smart phone is best for me?


    by papoo1969 ·

    I am looking to upgrade from a regular cellular telephone to a smart phone. I travel frequently, so am looking for something that is global (works on multiple frequencies) and is unlocked (so I can purchase a local sim card when traveling to avoid roaming charges). I am fairly agnostic about the carrier, but verizon probably has the best coverage in my area. I am also somewhat flexible on price, and would be willing to pay a bit more for the phone itself in order to avoid getting locked into a two year plan. Wifi is an interesting feature to save on data charges. Other features (camera etc) are less important (but may be used for skype). I hope to use the phone to listen to music / podcasts, internet surf and do email. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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      by papoo1969 ·

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      How long is the piece of string in my pocket?

      by oh smeg ·

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      That is what you are asking here as there is no hard and fast answer. What suits me may be completely useless to you so there is no [b]Best[/b] Smart Phone as different people have different needs.

      However there are 3 main Phone Types you can use the first is a Apple iPhone which I assume you may be able to buy without being locked to a carrier.

      The second type is the Droid Type Phone which comes in many brands and used the Android Operating System. To buy one of these you generally speaking have to buy the Phone Outright from a Specialist Phone Seller not a Carrier Kiosk as those Phones come locked to that carrier.

      Your finial option is one of the Windows Phones which most likely will not be the best for your needs as they currently are way behind both the iPhone and Droid Options. They will eventually get better but at the moment they are very limited.

      All of the above come with Global Roaming but this doesn’t mean that you can slip in different Sim Cards as the Phones are locked to the carrier who you use at home when you get them on a 24 Month Contract. When you are overseas with Global Roaming your Phone Carrier gets charged and they pass the charges onto you with your normal account. Of course not all countries support this option so you may find that in some countries the phone is useless.

      Also if you regularly travel overseas you need at the very least a Backward Compatible Phone that works with the older networks. Currently the iPhone is a 4G which is the newest technology being rolled out but they should work with the older 3G networks. The same applies to the Droid and Windows Phones that are currently available though it’s worth checking to be sure.

      As well as a Voice Plan you also need a Data Plan and that is the expensive bit no matter where you are and it gets more expensive when you are away from your home country.

      You would have to ask the local Carrier what their Data Plans are and if there is currently Global Roaming on this service.


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      by win7lover2010 ·

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      I am sure by now you have already found one. I personally love my HTC Status phone aka The Facebook phone. Reversible camera ect. It is only avail. through ATT. Best coverage area I have seen. I just wish it had a bigger screen. I love the screen size on the HTC Incredible 2 HD. Graphics on both are awesome and take really great photos. 5 mp camera. It comes with a 2 GB memory card but I replaced it with a 32 GB card. Adapters are sold with the 32 GB. I really think I need to get the USB adapter that looks like a flash drive. I hope this helps with your upgrade.

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      The no-nonsese Smartphone

      by damien_666 ·

      In reply to Which smart phone is best for me?

      You might be surprised, but I think Nokia N8 is the best smartphone for your needs.
      It currently comes unlocked so you can buy it at a decent price in Nokia website or Amazon.
      It’s the first penta-band phone in the world, so you can be sure it works in US/North America, any part of Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa.
      The UI isn’t as slick as the other so-called Smartphones, but it should be easier for you to learn it, coming from a normal phone.
      All reviews in general say it’s a great phone, they just complain about the user interface. I personally don’t think much of this complaint.
      Check out this phone at

      It’s got GPS, Nokia Maps, 12MP Camera (simply the best in the world in a phone), and just about every feature that matters in a smart phone.
      My only personal con is that the browser isn’t as good as the ones in Apple or any Android device. But on the whole, it’s fantastic bang for the buck!

      Having said this, I think your second option should be a Windows Phone 7. Don’t let the others fool you – try it out yourself before deciding.

      Good luck with your purchase!

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