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Which task is producing network traffic

By george29 ·
Does anyone know how I can determine which application or task is producing network traffic through my LAN card?
I have a Win XP system which is showing the network icon in the system tray. The icons are continuously flashing indicating network send and receive however I have no obvious application that should be producing this traffic.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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by SimY In reply to Which task is producing n ...

It might be a virus or spyware that is generating the network traffic. Run a virus and spyware scan to see if anything is detected. Also check the startup items in msconfig - remove anything that looks suspicious.

All the best

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by george29 In reply to

Thanks for your quick reply, however I'm not necessarily interested in what it might be, only on a method of determining the process (and not by process of elimination). A tool or method which would apply universally is what I need. Something that would list, for example, process name, bytes in, bytes out, etc.
( by the way I know that it isn't spyware or a virus in this case).
Appreciate your reply though. Thak you.

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by sanny7in In reply to Which task is producing n ...

there is a tool Ethereal to Analyze Network Protocol if u down load and install with winpcap this will show u wt type of traffic is going out and coming in to your computer through NIC card
this u will download form following links

if this will not help mail to us. thanks

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by george29 In reply to

Thank you for your reply.
I didn't really want to get into the realm of traffic analysers, they get too complicated for my limited knowledge. I will however try your suggestion when I get a bit of time. In the meantime I'd like to keep this question open in case there are other ideas out there.

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by glyall In reply to Which task is producing n ...

you can use task manager to see which processes are using the cpu. Watch processes that are using the cpu, this will help you determine which process is causing the problem.
To find out where the process came from you can search the web for the image name(program).

Also check add/remove programs to see if any programs that you did not install, like Coolsearch, 1800search, and other like that. They slow your PC down and chat a lot.

Also daily use AD-Aware SE Personal to check for adware files(it is free), and keep updating Ad-Aware every few days. To help keep your PC clean.

Good Luck

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by george29 In reply to

Thank you. However I am looking for a tool that can be applied universally.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Which task is producing n ...

You can use Network Monitor that comes with Microsoft products to find out what is using the network.

Additional information could help with this issue:
Is your system a member of a domain?
Does your company push out security patches?
Is SMS running on the corporate network?

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by george29 In reply to

Network Monitor? Does it exist in Win XP?
As for your other questions, yes member of domain, and yes to all the oyher questions. I am aware of all the 'legitimate' applications that can cause network traffic. What I am after is a tool to confirm what I think it is.
Thank you for your reply

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