Which type of notebook to by MAC or PC

By tom17243 ·
My daughter is starting college this coming fall and I need to get her a laptop for school. She is going into Architectural Interior design so which type of notebook would be better. She is familiar with both a MAC or Windows PC?

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No easy answer

by Tig2 In reply to Which type of notebook to ...

I personally prefer the Mac as they tend to have a longer tech lifespan. Consider that using a tool like BootCamp on the Intel Mac platform, the single unit can dual boot both OS X and XP. This way she can use the strengths of both OS.

Given her major, she will likely prefer the capabilities of the Mac for graphic work. My partner's son was a Graphic Arts/CS major. He is still using the Mac we got him for college. Still loves it too.

Try looking at both kinds. If you have a MicroCenter in the neighbourhood, they carry both. Avoid "big box" retailers and look for a place where you can see a variety of machines. After you have played with a bunch, one will stand out as the right machine.

Good luck!

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What does the school say?

by paul.cook In reply to Which type of notebook to ...

I work in IT at an Architecture college and some schools have their focus on Macs, others PCs.
Ours is mainly a Windows shop based on what the faculty request have requested. If we had faculty pushing for Macs we'd expand into that arena.
Call up the Interior Design Department and find out what they recommend and support. Ask what software is used and can students get it at a discount. Many schools deal directly with software vendors to get discounts for their students.

Hope this helps!

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I suggest

by Chief Bottle Washer In reply to Which type of notebook to ...

you get the MacBook Pro because it can now run Windows. In
the design world the Mac is the preferred weapon. In
Architecture the preferred software is AutoCAD. AutoCAD is
a Windows based software. The MacBook Pro will provide
your daughter with the best of both worlds.

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