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Which v.92 modem works WinXP-SoundBlastr

By azkb ·
I am running WinXP with Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live value sound card. I need a working modem for under $100.00 with v.92 MOH capability, compatible with SoundBlaster Live sound card and Win XP, I prefer controller-based but controller-less is okay so long as modem works. (for new Compaq 8000 desktop)

Factory installed Lucent Winmodem does not work and has serious problems with faxing, sound etc.

What should I buy?

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External Serial Port

by TheChas In reply to Which v.92 modem works Wi ...

If the Compaq has a serial port, the 'best' solution is a name brand external serial port modem.

ALL serial port modems are hardware modems.

The next option, would be a USB modem. However, many USB modems are controller-less.

The advantagesof an external modem include:

No hardware conflicts as they do not share a data BUSS with any internal devices.

In the event of a lightning surge on the phone line, an external modem will likely take the full hit, and not pass the surge onto the PC.

If you want to use an internal modem, I would go with a Zoom.


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okay, and ?

by azkb In reply to External Serial Port

I'm already using serial port for scanner, but have multiple USB ports free (& ethernet port). So USB-external-controller-based would be great - but it also must be SoundBlaster compatible which many do not seem to be.
How do I find which ones do all this? Every search I do gives me some but not all of the info.

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