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Which version of Microsoft Office does your company use?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "If your company uses Microsoft Office, which version is the most widely used throughout your company?

Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office XP (2002)
Microsoft Office 2003"

Which version is most prevalent in your organization and why? What are your plans for Office 2007?

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a mixture

by Beilstwh In reply to Which version of Microsof ...

Office 97 for access

Office 2000 for word, excel, and powerpoint

Office 2003 for Outlook (microsoft exchange).

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by j.lupo In reply to Which version of Microsof ...

The company policy is to use the latest most recent approved version for any software. The problem is, they don't upgrade for you. You have to go to their website and request the upgrade. New employees get the newest versions automatically.

this creates lots of problems. It certainly has for me. Did you know that when you embed Visio 2003 objects into MS Word, that people with older versions of Visio cannot open the object? Talk about creating project headaches.

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by cwgmpls In reply to Which version of Microsof ...

I'm a small company. 97 does everything I need it to do. Isn't that how software is supposed to be?

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Mixed also

by CrashOverider In reply to Which version of Microsof ...

Office XP mostly but we are moving everyone to 2003 as the PC's get rebuilt.

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by Wally Bahny In reply to Which version of Microsof ...

We're using 2003 and plan, due to software assurance, to upgrade to 2007. We looked at the beta and really like it.

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