Which Virtual Machine software to install?

By monty2121 ·
Hi there I am on windows 10 and have some tasks related to linux. I have used virtual machines on windows 7 but I am confused with the 10. I am looking to install virtual machine that works fine with windows 10. I tried searching and found this comparison post:

But it discuss only two and I want to know if any other virtual machine software available for windows 10?

Thanks in advance.

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Tvmc is best For Your Solution

by mspanwar8924 In reply to Which Virtual Machine sof ...

installing add-ons manually can be a panic for most of the people who want to use TVMC APK. you don’t have to do anything with TVMC application you will get all the ad on rebuild so here we are going to s a are review and all the things related to download and install of TVMC APK file.

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Which Virtual Machine software to install?

by maxistress In reply to Which Virtual Machine sof ...

i´m using VMWare Server 2, it´s free. I cannot use Hyper V, because my Servers CPU hasn´t the Intel VT. (and I didn´t found a solution to virtualize x64 guests )

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Virtual Box is best

by thisispnkj In reply to Which Virtual Machine sof ...

The user interface is a lot simpler in VirtualBox vs VMWare. As I said earlier, this can be tied to personal preference. You may like the user interface of VMWare and I wouldn’t blame you for that.
Oracle Virtual Box is Open Source and completely free to use for both personal as well as commercial use. Being Open Source is a huge plus cause anyone can contribute to the development of the program and only the best of those are released in the final product. VMWare, on the other hand, is a free program for Windows but you will need to buy a license if you are on a Mac.

Here is the guide link to install metasploitable in the virtual box

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I would Suggest Virtual box over VM ware altogether

by robertosburn6 In reply to Which Virtual Machine sof ...

I would suggest Virtual box over VM ware. Virtual box is far user friendly as compared to latter that allows sharing files, sharing drives and much more. Also, its descriptions and features are stored in text XML files for easy sharing. It has much to offer as compared to VM ware. Contrary, Vm ware gives you two options-VM ware Player and VM ware Workstation, for normal users and heavy users and its advance level is paid one.
For Linux I would suggest QEMU, as it doesn't requires admin access to run as it runs on hosts, making it a best portable virtual software.

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