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Which virtualization product is the best?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Which virtualization product line do you prefer?
Virtual PC / Virtual Server

Which virtualization product(s) do you use in your organization, and why?

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I think it boils down to "it depends"

by jmgarvin In reply to Which virtualization prod ...

I personally like VMware for a number of reasons, but at the same time I can say I also like Xen.

I like how you can "import" server images and the smallish footprint of Xen. However, the robustness and swiss army knife ideal of VMware keeps me coming back...

I think it boils down to:
What do you need the virtualization product to do?

I've never worked with Virtual PC, so I can't comment...

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Virtualization Across Products

by nc-ws-itadmin In reply to I think it boils down to ...

funny that most hypervisor forms run on a nix' based OS as a classical host OS or console. Vmware is nice, ESX however needs to have almost proprietary hardware in order to install. The others are nice to sit on top of other host OS's. OpenVZ is pretty nice if you run different linux os's (after you install a primary OS) Given time I think it will be alright. Virtual PC (M$) is okay, but not nearly as customizable as I would like. VMware just cuts the rest down a bit with it's wide variety of products. Too bad they can't cut their price or have an open source per say to help those who can't afford 1k+ subscriptions for a year.

Reliability = as long as it's nix' based
Dependability = all about even running as a hypervisor
Cost = see ya vmware, I got to sell plasma for a few months before I can talk to you...

then again... you build a better lock, someone obsesses until they crack it open. Corporations are greedy enough, as our government leads; why don't we just give these softwares to people like subsidized housing projects. Code hungry college kids would love to learn...

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I agree,

by Jaqui In reply to I think it boils down to ...

it really depends on what you need from the virtualisation technology as to which best serves your needs.

personally, a simple chroot system meets my needs perfectly.
I don't need an entire virtual system.

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by MarkSpeevak In reply to I agree,

VMware = USB yes
VirtualPC2007 = USB none

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Sun Virtual Box

by old graham In reply to Which virtualization prod ...

I use Sun's Virtual Box. Less hassle than VMWare, and Free.

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