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    Which Virus protection software?


    by coscooper ·

    All – I’m the support manager at a medium size
    development group within the framework of an extremely
    large corporation. We are not governed or controlled by a
    central IT, so we’re left to manage our own systems. My
    sys-admin and I are trying to determine which product to
    install and review as it applies to Virus-Protection. Any
    comments would help.

    Situation: 50+ workstations for developers & QA Lab users
    20 Dev servers in Dev Office
    30 plus deployed servers at data-centers located all over
    country, meaning their not all sitting together, but we have
    VPN connectivity.
    20 deployed servers in 1 datacenter site (Fully manageable
    and accessible in our own rack etc…)

    Our corporate product is McAfee, but it’s not set in stone
    and most divisions are left to their own devices.

    We’ve installed NAV Small Business Edition in some cases,
    but I’m not happy with the complicated licensing situation
    installation process, nearly takes a full time person just to
    figure it out.

    McAfee doesn’t appear to have much of a central
    management solution and they’re all going to yearly
    subscription fee based solutions.

    Choices: Stick with NAV, move to McAfee, Trend or
    something else, but what else is there?

    Any and all suggestions would be helpful.

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      by balin ·

      In reply to Which Virus protection software?

      Check into useing AVG at It’s a pretty good program.

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        by gahamblin ·

        In reply to AVG

        I’ve been quite impressed by AVG. The updates are are easily available and most do not require a reboot. They also have an Email proxy client that can be used with virtually any email client. Very good stable program and good support. Additional info is available at

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      AV Options

      by biff-nz ·

      In reply to Which Virus protection software?

      I would suggest you have a look at CA’s eTrust.
      An excellent range of options, and an online active help facility that actually works.
      Send an email to George Hladilo
      They will help, I dont work for them or have any association with the exception of like you trying to find a solution for one of my clients.
      He chose CA and raved about their help and service, so I’ll pass it on to you.
      Best of luck

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      help me

      by lutys ·

      In reply to Which Virus protection software?

      i dont know if you can help me but every time i try to sign into msn on my computer comes up with this message: Sorry, we could not sign you in because the sign-in name you entered does not exist or your password is incorrect.
      i know its neither of these because it works on any other computer. i also tried one of my mates login. i have been trying for so long and tried jsut about everything could you please help me. maybe i have some kind of virus or somthing???

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      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Which Virus protection software?

      NAI’s ASaP is a centrally deployable/manageable AV solution.

      Even though NAI at first glance is a yearly sub service. It really is not.

      Unlike norton where you have to pay a fee in order to get DAT updates. NAI you do not. But it is a grey area.

      Since you are not really owning the software, unlike if you went to the store and bought a copy.
      You have to pay for the license to use it.

      But let’s say that you let your license lapse. You still have access to DAT updates. Unlike Norton where your access would be cut off. You would though be cut off from their download and extended support area.

      The caveat with the dat updates is, once your version is no longer supported, they will stop making dat files for it. But I have only seen this happen once in the last 4 years.

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        Wary of this type of licensing

        by it support services manager ·

        In reply to NAI/Mcafee

        Be aware that with this type of licensing they may not give you the software. Then, if you have to reformat and reinstall after the license laps you can get stuck having to repay for the program. I’ve not used this program so I don’t know if it is of this type. Just wanted you to be aware of this

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          Yes and No

          by lordinfidel ·

          In reply to Wary of this type of licensing

          With NAI’s products you do not need a license key to install them.

          Like I said before. All you need the “license” or ‘Grant Number’ as nai puts it, for. Is the ability to get upgrades.

          The only times you get the software with AV vendors is when you buy the home edition. Then you have to buy a subscription to receive DAT updates. And once that subsrciption expires, you get no more updates. In the AV world, that sucks.

          But with NAI/Mcafee, if a home user still has version 4.x, they can still download the latest definitions from NAI’s site. Without a license.

          In a corporate enviroment though, you typically buy in bulk, like a enterprise wide license of 10K. And you get a break in buying volume and length. Like our site license get’s renewed every 2 years.

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      You say You Have a SYSADMIN>?

      by radiic ·

      In reply to Which Virus protection software?

      I think the problem lies within your first Paragraph.

      QUOTE: “We are not governed or controlled by a
      central IT, so we’re left to manage our own systems. My
      sys-admin and I are trying to determine which product to
      install and review as it applies to Virus-Protection. ”

      I personally would start by firing my SYSADMIN. Shame on him/her for not ensuring any proper AV on your systems, unless you just hired one…In that case then, I would recomend A 3 step approach, and I would use TrendMicro. They have an excellent product for the desk top and at a resonable per seat price. Also I would use server protect. And then I would throw in Scan mail. They have several scan mails for exchange..CCmail and others. But it is real time and scans the mail as it comes into the box before the user even sees it. Like all the others there are auto updates and alerts. But they have a nice web based management system that is simple and easy to use.

      I have been using it for 5 years now, and no outbreaks on any of my networks. (KNOCK ON WOOD)

      Good Luck


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