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Which VPN providers truly take privacy and security seriously?

By Lairdo ·
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I just wanted to bounce this question off a couple of folks. I currently use but wondering if there were any other good providers out there.

Which VPN providers truly take privacy and security seriously?

I at one time used HMA, and thought they were good and honest until they turned over logs which they claimed they did not have, so I wonder what else they collect data on!!! After checking on the US is one of only a few places that does not have a required data retention policy. This means there is no required logging.

Are there truly other VPN providers that still take privacy, annominity and security seriously??

Here are my Thoughts:

Any VPN provider that has a bandwidth cap IS LOGGING.
Any VPN provider that does not accept bitcoin is not helping you be anonymous.
Any VPN provider that does not offer a NAT or Proxy mode is not protecting you.
Any VPN provider that wants more than your email, password and minimal payment information should not to be trusted.
Any VPN provider in the European Union will not protect you ( such as HMA which is why I switched to ). They have the DRD as of 2006. Cheak it out at

Thoughts, additions, am I crazy or do I just like my privacy?


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Your Post made me think.

by bsmith7117 In reply to Which VPN providers truly ...

Lairdo, I think you may be a little paranoid but your post mad me think about the VPN I am currently using. It also made me wonder if the previous TWO negative votes were from VPN providers that do not want your comments spread around.

I had never taken the time to think about the fact that if a vpn provider was limiting BW they would definitely have to log your time and usage. I do not do anything nefarious online I mainly use a vpn for hotspots. But I will definitely check out


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Or Bobby

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Your Post made me think.

It could be that the OP here has posted basically the same thing twice and some consider it as Spamming the Site.

Personally at the moment I'm giving Lairdo the benefit of the doubt but that may change with their next post if it's still basically the same thing again to a different thread.

As things stand their first post was On Topic in a discussion titled Seven features to consider for mobile VPN services their second post while posted to the Water Cooler looks more like a Question than either a Discussion Topic or Water Cooler Discussion but as I said I'll give them the Benefit of the Doubt even though it smells very Spammy to me.

Of course some of the other Moderators may not be as forgiving as me and it may disappear as at least 2 people have Flagged it as Spam now. If one of the other Moderators was so inclined to flag it they would also delete it so obviously it's not any of them yet.


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I was truly Interested in getting feedback

by Lairdo In reply to Or Bobby

My apologies, I did not intend this to be spammish. I was just truly interested in some feedback and other people's opinions on my thoughts. Or if there were more that I should add to my list.

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it's the links to a business that makes people think it may be spam, and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I was truly Interested in ...

when the almost same post appears a second time, then it does look more and more like spam. That's what concerns some. The first post was related to an existing topic and I let it slide because it was possible you were offering people advice, but a repeat performance as it's own topic is very spammish.

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AS Hal says, some may consider it as spam, some of the regulars

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Your Post made me think.

flag what looks like spam or is very spammish, when they flag it they also down vote it as some of the settings people use don't show posts with a negative vote; thus the down vote means people don't get to see it.

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