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Which way?

By rosado705 ·
I have recently started in the IT field about 1 year ago. I have received my A+ and my Network + certifications. I am also going to school at night to get my degree in Information Technology Security. I would like to know from a professional stand point which direction I should take.What certs are best?

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by jbaker In reply to Which way?

I personally like the Wint-O-green ones....

Seriously, certifications are a sticky subject with many people. Most that ihave been in the industry a while feel that they simply prove that you are able to read a book and pass a test. On the other hand, they can give you some good theoretical knowldege that may or may not apply in the real world.

In my experience, real world, hands-on will outweigh a paper certification any day.

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by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Which way?

In my opinion, you will be better served by focusing your efforts on your college education and your job. And always, within time constraints, take the opportunity to learn new things.

Good luck.

Craig Herberg

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What are your exact goals?

by Prolifiq In reply to Which way?

Congratulations on getting your A+ & Network+ certifications. And congratulations on working toward your IT degree. However, there's no mention of your long-term goals. What exactly is it that you want to DO?

Plotting your course in IT goes much deeper than pondering what certifications you should pursue. The direction you should take will be largely determined by what you ultimately want to do careerwise. Establish your specific long-term goals, and identify the requirements for accomplishing those goals. You may find the certs you need to get there, or you may find that certs won't help you that much wherever you're headed.

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Long Term

by rosado705 In reply to What are your exact goals ...

I am focusing my efforts towards network security.I currently have a secret clearance and I am working as a help desk technician right now for the US Army in europe. This is my first year in IT and I am really enjoying it and learning alot.But I think that for the future this is what I want to do.

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Well then, it sounds like...

by Prolifiq In reply to Long Term

... you'll be looking into security certifications from various vendors, including Cisco, CheckPoint, Nokia, etc.

Best of luck to you.

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