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    Which web-based email sites to allow


    by tink56 ·

    We don’t allow our employees to use their corporate email accounts for personal use so I veered them to web-based email accounts (gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, etc.). This did wonders in reducing spam and decreasing a lot of the chain emails, jokes and images that aren’t work related.

    This has worked well until someone brought a virus onto their PC. It was in an email through some obscure web-based email program sponsored by their ISP.

    Its my understanding that “the big guys” (gmail, hotmail, yahoo and aol) do a pretty fine job at filtering out viruses in their programs. The other providers are not so good.

    I do have a network AV program installed but I would like to go further and just allow access to the web based email provided by “the big guys” and block all the others.

    Any thoughts? Opinions?

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      Dont allow any

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Which web-based email sites to allow

      External email, it is too unsafe and a big time waster. You will find that people are sending and getting more time wasting email and the chance of any type of virus, spy ware or malware can slip through. You can not stop a person who see’s a link for free any thing from clicking on it. Or the guy/girl down loading a cool attachment. And that?s all you need to ether blowup your network or let it be owned by a bot or hacker.
      The company email is for work and personal email is for home. If they complain too much do what we did and setup a free wireless access point in the cafeteria and two meeting rooms. And let them know it is not protected so they use it at their own risk.
      They can use it a lunch and on breaks because that is their free time.
      We have great email and web usage policies; we use Websence for internet and content filtering for email.
      We have missed almost all virus attacks and only had a few malware problems.

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