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By hjgroot1976 ·
Hallo people,

For a while I have been busy with learning html, xhtml, css, javascript and php, but what I need is a good editor which enables me to use all of them. Also I would like to be prepared for other languages.
Could someone recommend a good editor.
I'd like it to be free, but for special features I wouldn't bother to have to pay for it.

Thank you

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I use EditPlus...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Which web editor

EditPlus is a plain text editor which recognizes many languages and color codes them all for you.


Another one I've used in the past is NoteTab Pro.


Neither are free.

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Here's one that I use

by jimmy-jam In reply to Which web editor


Not sure if it will meet ALL your needs but...

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html kit

by hjgroot1976 In reply to Which web editor

I was thinking more about software like html kit.


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WeBuilder 2008

by hjgroot1976 In reply to Which web editor

Is WeBuilder 2008 a good choice?

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Well, that depends.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to WeBuilder 2008

... It depends on your level of experience.

The WeBuilder program appears to be a very powerful tool. However, if you don't know anything about HTML or PHP or any of the other languages it supports, learning to use the program could be so far over your head that you'll get frustrated just trying to learn to use it that you'll give up on it.

If you don't already know HTML, start with a basic text editor and learn the language first. Then, and ONLY then, graduate to using tools to make the coding easier.

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by hjgroot1976 In reply to Well, that depends....... ...

I know how to use html and want to learn more languages. Now I use html kit, but it seems like an ancient piece of software.
I'd like software which is more modern and supports at least the languages mentioned in the question at the beginning.
I just want to replace html kit for something more modern.
Are CoffeeCup HTML-editor or Macromedia Homesite 5 a better choice?

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re: better choice?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to html

Only you can be the judge of that. It all comes down to being able to find your way around the program rapidly, not having to spend countless hours trying to learn to use the software before you can actually go to work. All editors are different. Personally, I found CoffeeCup and Macromedia both lacking in that department.

Also, you'll find that most WYSIWYG editors lack support for some of the 'other' languages.

Besides, what makes you think that you need something more 'modern'? That could lead to you buying something just because you THINK it will work better than what you already have. If HTML Kit supports the languages you're interested in, it's good enough. The languages don't change much. If it doesn't support the languages you're interested in, check for an update/upgrade to the program.

If you really insist on getting something more 'modern', look for one that has a trial period. Try before you buy. That's the only way you'll ever know.

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by hjgroot1976 In reply to re: better choice?

I already tried several trials, but I couldn't come up with a new choice. That is why I started this question.
html kit is not complete, in the sense that I like auto-completion and I want to use php. The upgrade from html kit costs $ 60,-. Is html Pad 2008 or Rapid PHP 2008 a good choice then?
I liked the looks of it, by the way, I prefer WYSIWYG-editors.

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