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While you were asleep, and hating on Microsoft,

By tech ·
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I don't "Hate Microsoft"...

by tech In reply to While you were asleep, an ...

... nor do I care what happens to Microsoft. I don't believe Microsoft, or Apple to be ethical companies! I can list multiple reasons for those feelings for both companies. I am not sure which one is worse, but that really doesn't matter.

My company is migrating away from Microsoft because it is the right move for the company, not because anyone here hates Microsoft. I freely admit I don't swallow the Microsoft or Apple Koolaid, but I don't hate them. As I said I don't think Apple is an ethical company either, but our company is buying Apple iPads.

We are migrating away because our users require access to data across multiple platforms. We are migrating away to make our staff more efficient and thus, the company more profitable.

You obviously don't have a grasp on how business works. A business is not going to cut off it's hand because it doesn't want to do business with a company. If it does that the company won't be in business very long. A business makes decisions based on what is believed to be the best options for that company, and that rarely happens because of one persons like or dislike for a particular company.

I am not asleep, and dreaming. Unlike you I am not wearing Microsoft Blinders either. I like many others are looking around and see there is a better way. A way that may, or may not include Microsoft. A way that lowers operating costs. A way that increases productivity. A way that allows users to access company data from anywhere on any device. A way that makes sense to anyone willing to look at things with an open mind. A way that puts more control in the hands of the IT department, and makes it easier to roll out upgrades and product changes.

The only one espousing irrational predictions is you. A prediction that the world will not evolve. A world where no company falls from the top of the hill. Here is a short list of other companies who people said would never fail or become irrelevant. Kodak, Polaroid, Sun, IBM, SCO, Novell, Xerox, Blackberry, AOL, Compuserve... I could go on and probably list another 50 companies. Every one of them were once the market leader in their field and many predicted they would never fall. Sure most of them are still around, but they have no where near the market clout they once did.

It is a lot easier to attain market share then to keep it. Someone is always building a better mouse trap. So take your Microsoft glasses off, and look at the world as it really is, vibrant, diverse, full of opportunities for those willing to see things as they really are and not as the few wish they were.

Trying to be all things to all people rarely keeps you on top. It usually means that you do everything, but you excel at nothing. Think of it as a football player. Ever heard of one that was a quarterback, wide receiver, defensive end and excelled at all of those positions? Even one of those positions??? Didn't think so.

I am not dreaming, and I not only smell the future, I see it in all of it's rich full color Kodachrome glory. I doubt you even know what Kodachrome was, which actually illustrates my point quite well.

So it is up to you. You can sit back and suck down another Microsoft Koolaid, while you bask in the M$ Sun lamp warmth wearing your M$ glasses. Or you can forsake the Koolaid, take off the glasses, step away from the sun lamp and find out there is a world you never even knew existed.

The choice is yours....

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No, I was AWAKE and hating on Microsoft :)

by robo_dev In reply to While you were asleep, an ...

Like last night, figuring out why file type associations just DOES NOT WORK properly in Windows 7, or why I have to pay money to change my wallpaper (Windows 7 starter edition).

Admittedly, as a security person, my job might be a lot easier (and less necessary) if the boys in Redmond 'got it' with respect to security.

While those who predict the demise of Microsoft are surely wrong, my opinion is that Microsoft is coasting on momentum and market-share, and companies that do that sort of thing end up as case-studies for MBA students.

In terms of keeping score, Microsoft's dominant products are:

Windows Desktop
Windows 2008 Server
SQL Server "we're number #2!" (behind Oracle)
Exchange, Office

Where Microsoft's competition is 'eating their lunch':

Phone: Windows phone 7 (vs. IOS vs Android
Tablet: Windows 8 tablet (vs IOS, vs Android)
Virtualization: Hyper-V (vs. VMware)
Cloud: Azure (vs. Amazon, Amazon, and maybe Google and Apple)
Webmail: Hotmail (vs. Gmail, Yahoo, etc)
Online Services: Bing/Live (vs. Google)

Assuming that phone/tablet/cloud and virtualization are the future, and that conventional desktop and server products go the way of the dodo, then there are some dark clouds on the Windows desktop.

It's one thing to be a 'close second' in a technology race, but sorry, a 'distant third' is not where you want to be. VMware has something like 85% of the server virtualization market.

Microsoft's share of the phone space: 2%

I don't even know anybody who has a Windows you? IOS and Andoid will dominate while we wait for RIM to die a sad lonely death. Microsoft will pump money into phone like Howard Hughes building the Spruce Goose until maybe they scoop up RIM like they did Danger.

So strategically, this would be like dominating the horse and buggy industry while those new fangled automobiles and airplanes are really 'taking off'.

Microsoft has the capability of making good products, and yes, Windows 7 was better than Vista, and yes, newer versions of IIS, Exchange, Office, and Windows server are better, faster and more secure.

BUT, in the real-world, we're headed to the clouds, to the tablet, to the phone...and these are places where Microsoft fanboys (and fangirls) had better wake up and smell the coffee!

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