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    white box outgoing email – Outlook XP


    by moondoggie53 ·

    I get intermittent complaints from various people about a small white box in my emails to them. No idea if this is global to my contacts (I’ll include a message), or if it is critical. Any ideas? I am using XP Pro, Office Pro.

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      Any Luck?

      by caseykicklighter ·

      In reply to white box outgoing email – Outlook XP

      Hey man!

      I’m having this same issue and you seem to be the only person Google can find having the same issue. Did anyone ever post a reply or did you figure out what was causing this issue for you? Thanks!

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        white box overlays my emails

        by rustyfire ·

        In reply to Any Luck?

        I have the same probem with inbound emails that have a blank or white box covering some of the text. I’ve started a tech session with Microsoft, but trying to go through steps to fix- takes several days- which Microsoft doesn’t like to work with. I don’t think they are emiinating from the same sender, since there are about 6~8 people I get the problem with. My suspect is something with WORD and the ‘’ template, but after MS said to rename the file and/or re-install Office all together- I get the same result. Note: that when trying to FOWARD the same email to someone- appears just fine. (WTF?) After 2 months of this crap, I’m getting sick of Microsoft- paying them for nothing.

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